May & June Moments

Cheers to sweet adventures, time on the trails, and moments made for celebrating the good life. Join us in July with your favorite Reformation on hand. Never miss a moment with weekly updates in our newsletter on events in our Keeping Room and out in the market.

Independence in the Making

Beer, like many handmade things, is a reflection of the maker. A liquid mirror. Reflecting not only the quality of ingredients, time, and experience, but also a vision that says there is value beyond the glass.

Perfectly Paired Summer Reads

What makes a great summer read? Sometimes a dark and twisty book can surprise you in the best ways. Honest adventures begin on ordinary days. Cheers to summer reading, writing our own great stories every day, and to books (and beers) that surprise us!

Unapologetically Free

THE THIRD WAY Unapologetically Free It’s that time of year — when we celebrate our nation’s independence as well as Set Beer Free Day. It’s got me thinking more about freedom and independence. Have we taken them for granted? Are they terms we use to bully our own...


County and state officials declared July 1st, Set Beer Free Day in 2016 and Reformation Brewery in Woodstock, Georgia is carrying on the tradition in 2017 with a celebration that includes the debut of a new IPA, Variety Box Set with their Belgian-Style favorites, plus local BBQ & live music.