Sponsorships, Donations, & Brewery Event Space Requests

Thank you for thinking of us! At Reformation Brewery we know good beer can be a platform to connect great moments and causes. While we do our best to review all inquiries, please understand that we may not be able to respond to or support all requests, and are limited in some cases by alcohol regulations.


Do you have 40+ people that need a place to gather for a fundraising event? Can this event happen on a Sunday through Wednesday evening? Then please apply now. (Less than 40 people can request our Reserve Section)


Are you raising money to support a cause that makes a difference in our community? Can you verify your 501(c)3 status and provide a copy of your special event permit? Please note, the law prohibits us from donating or selling beer direct from our brewery.


Looking for a great Door Prize or Silent Auction item? Confident over 50 people will be at your event? Willing to give us a ticket to attend? Make your merch request now.

We may not have the resources to align with every good cause, but we can stand proudly by a few. Reformation Stands connects with select charities each year in order to develop deeper relationships, and further invest our passion and people into meaningful causes that make a difference in the communities we serve.