Barrel-Aged Jude

9.2% Belgian Tripel

Bourbon Barrel-Aged for 9 Months

Bourbon, Oak, & Citrus Notes

Made for Moments of Unexpected Providence

Cheers to Moderation


Aged in bourbon barrels for nine months, our Belgian-Style Tripel takes on notes of bourbon and oak atop a balanced malty sweetness and clean, citrus finish.

Limited release only from our Keeping Room, this beer will be available on draft and in 16oz cans while it lasts. Debuts Sept. 1, 2017.



Moments When You Don’t Have the Answers


Roasted Lemon or Bitter Orange Glazed Main Course, Your Favorite Whiskey, or as an Aperitif


Music that Explores Life’s Mysteries and Unknowns


September 2017


This beer is the first in a series of limited release, small batch products available for purchase only from our Keeping Room.


When Answers Are Unknown

This thing that I love so much has given me more trouble than anything in my whole life, but it is teaching me every day to trust other people.