Reformation Craft Spirits

As Reformation Brewery celebrates our ninth year this October, I’m excited to announce a new project that’s been in the works for a while now. We have obtained our distillery license and Reformation Craft Spirits will be hitting our taps this week! Reformation Craft Spirits are created with the same intentional values and purpose as our craft beers and will join our family of products to serve our growing and diverse community. 

Draft craft cocktails will be our first Reformation Craft Spirits and served exclusively from our venue taps in Woodstock and Canton. We’ve been testing and working on products that fit our community’s preferences and made sure they are also crafted with the love and care you’ve come to expect from Reformation. As we move forward with this project, you can expect gins, vodkas, agave spirits, and with patient time, whisky aged right here in North Georgia. 

Reformation Craft Spirits actually began as a secret project back in January 2020, but due to a global pandemic that forced our focus on surviving and thriving again, it was put on hold. However, as you continue to amaze and humble us – you not only sustained Reformation, but your passion for Reformation empowered us to rekindle this project over the last year. We are excited to share our new craft with you. In more than one way, it’s created for you and because of you. You have lifted our spirits to new heights and now we raise a glass of finely made Reformation Craft Spirits to you, cheers! 

– Spencer Nix, CEO & Cofounder

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