#1. We painted it with love.

If you see Ryan out in the market, or Shawn in the Keeping Room, give them some kudos for making their mark. The handiwork and the help of friends and family like these, have helped craft the Reformation story from day one, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their ongoing gifts.

#2. It was the backdrop for a wedding.

It’s not uncommon for the Big Red Door to be a witness to moments of matrimonial love. While most of the time wedding receptions are what’s on the calendar, even the instant some couples said “I do” were captured in our Keeping Room.

#3. It wasn’t always red.

Once upon a time (three years ago to be exact) the big red door was just a piece of a bigger dream. Built by our Brewmaster Nick Downs and his Father, the Big Red Door has become both a key backdrop for photo ops, and the meeting place for our facility tours.