5 Things to Love About Craft Beer

Celebrate and Appreciate What's in Your Glass

Valentine’s Day is upon us, a time when we take a moment to reflect on those feelings of love and affection we have and don’t always find the words or take the time to express properly. In that spirit we’d like to celebrate the beer we drink and appreciate all the joy it brings us. Aw, look at us getting all sentimental! 

While there are plenty of things to love about beer, here are just a few reasons to celebrate and appreciate what’s in your glass. 

Beer Knows How to Work A Room

In times of discomfort and unease, there’s comfort in taking the time to watch a room full of people enjoying flights of craft beer and playing board games or trivia, laughing and smiling together; to see that we can all actually get along pretty easily in the right places. Different backgrounds, different beliefs, different walks of life – it doesn’t matter when we all come together to appreciate good beer and the celebrations that come with it.

Great Beer Pairs with Great Experiences

Baseball and brats, winter chill, gentle brunch, a sunset after you’ve been working in the yard all afternoon, feeling a little under the weather and need a pick-me-up, there’s always a perfect beer to complement the kind of day you’re having. Pair a warm spring afternoon with the crisp citrus notes of JOGR, our Juicy Lager, or experience a new adventure with Nolan, our rotating IPA. Whatever you choose, raise a glass to the moments that are made better with a cold brew. 

Beer Opens us up to New Experiences

We’ll be honest—being encouraged to take the plunge, find wild new batches, and trying again if we discover a batch doesn’t quite work reminds us that the point is the journey. The willingness to try new things, and to share them with the world. And there are few things more fun than when you can say, “Hang on, just give it a try—you might surprise yourself!”

It Makes us Feel Special 

So much in this world can feel big and impersonal. But when you stop and consider how beer is made and why it’s made, you find a greater appreciation for the love that pours into an incredible beer, the result of a small group of people working tirelessly, with their own two hands, taking months or even years to perfect a recipe that they make with care and share with the community. 

It Reminds Us to Stop And Smell the Flowers (and Hops)  

We’re here but a short time, and when it comes down to it, the most powerful memories we have are of those perfect moments, those times we’ve been sitting on a patio and the music is just right and the breeze is cool and everybody’s smiles are warm and easy. These moments are made better with a sip from a cold brew, moments that make you sit back in your chair and exclaim, “That was incredible.”

Those are the memories you keep, and the stories that go along with them. So thank you, craft beer, you’re the best, and we’re sorry we don’t say so enough. Now put your good shoes on, we’re going out dancing. 

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