Rest Easy & Raise a Glass


Whether you’re looking to celebrate your head Matriarch this Mother’s Day, or simply learning to mother yourself, skip the stress and sip on our top five ways to tell the ‘Mama’ in your life: “Rest easy, and raise a glass.”

#1. Pie

Stop by our Keeping Room on May 13th, stick a fork in your Saturday, and call it done. Because when there’s Pie Bar at the brewery, there’s really no place like the slice in your face. Prepare yourself for Blueberry, Pecan, and White Chocolate Strawberry Streusel varieties. Bonus: beer pairings, brewery tours, and more surprises in store…

#2. Art

That perfect token of appreciation is only a brewery away. We’ll have a Popup Art Show from 1-4pm on Saturday, May 13th with Serene Stitching, Mad & Dusty, Kirsten Groß Art, and more. Browse with your bestie, or show yourself a little motherly love with some handmade creations that will make your day.

#3. Music

Get ready to sway with your Saturday soul sisters and nurture the Mama within with mellow melodies and heartfelt turns of phrase. Musician Emmy Law joins us for a live performance @7pm on Saturday, May 13th.

#4. Beer

We don’t know about you, but the Mamas round here appreciate a little beer bouquet when the occasion arises. Come get a taste of Wilder, a Black Currant Strong Ale — and take a growler to go for your Sunday brunch gathering. We’ll be closed on May 14th so don’t miss this chance to make your *Mama proud. (*Dog Mamas, Inner Mamas, Natural Born Mamas, you name it.)

#5. Drums

There’s no better way to bond with the Mamas in your life than to spend an hour drumming with the “Pound Posse” on Monday, May 15th from 6:30-9pm. Let loose with Pound Fitness in this fun, high-energy class followed by a brewery tour and tasting. It will give new meaning to your Mondays — and P.S. you might just give yourself the best sleep of your life.

In summary, whoever you are and whatever your circumstances — we hope you will sip your way through the weekend, savor the moment, and remember that you are worth celebrating. Cheers!