A Beer Lover’s Guide


For beer lovers, let this season be a guide for something to match the moment.

Try something traditional.

Malt-forward styles are a touchstone that reach back through time. So it should come as no surprise that traditional, darker styles with their familiar, easy drinking flavor profiles (and oftentimes warming levels of alcohol) are often synonymous with colder weather.

So many styles that people reach for in the colder months are like a form of time travel, connecting the present moment to beer’s past.

 Reformation growler Fall Autumn

Slow it down. 

So much of our daily life is a rush. Let the beer in your glass be an opportunity to slow down and reflect.

Cradled in front of a warm fire, and savored as they come to temperature in your glass–the bread-like, roasted malts characteristic of Dubbels, Porters, and Stouts are often appealing not only because they pair well with traditional gravy-laden plates, but also because these beers almost demand that we slow down and appreciate the moment.

Sip your way through the evening. Try tasting smaller pours with a friend. Or ask your server for just a taste. There’s something for every palate.

Serve what you like.

Great beer transcends seasons, and there’s no better gift than sharing what you love.

So as you prepare for gathering with family and friends, remember–there’s no hard and fast rule about what should be in your glass. As long as you raise it in appreciation.