“Everybody is trying to rush because nobody wants to sit in the uncomfortable. – Victoria Coombs

I’m in a season of waiting. Doing nothing is also doing something. It’s a position of openness.

Learning to sit in the moment is really hard. We don’t like being in that space because there’s uncertainty. But that is where art happens.

One of my instructors said to me, “Everybody is trying to rush from the start of the project to the end of it. Because nobody wants to sit in the uncomfortable.” And realizing that the uncomfortable is what produces the beauty in the final product.

Victoria JUDE can tulip

And it’s so hard to sit in that feeling. It’s much easier if when it’s a happy feeling, but generally that’s not where we’re learning and growing unfortunately. So it’s having to learn to say, “OK, I feel this feeling and I can sit here, and be aware of what that means in my life and learn and grow from that.”

It’s hard when you’re trying to run around sticking your finger in every hole in the boat, just because you can. It’s been a new way of thinking for me, that I can actually do the things that I’m really meant to do, and do them well.

That was a really big revelation. That I can say “no.”

I think we stress over decisions we make. You can make the decision, and if it doesn’t work, you can make a different decision. You’re not stuck in whatever that is.

I think a lot of times in my life, I can look back at moments and I think, “Now I understand why these moments happened that brought me to this place, and so I was prepared for this.” Those moments are continually happening where you are looking backwards. As opposed to trying to figure out how things make sense in advance.

Moments where you say, “I didn’t realize it then, but that moment had a purpose.”

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