Freedom 95

Classic beers deserve a classic event experience. Join us on the road for games, prizes, photo booth, and of course well made beer at an event near you.

Airstream Bambi

The Bambi trailer has always been a favorite among Airstreamers. First launched in 1961, the Bambi’s genesis was a proactive response to a nationwide trend. Americans were looking for shorter, lighter, more fuel-efficient automobiles that lacked the power to pull a heavy trailer.


Bambi II

The Bambi II was a one-year model. It was an extension of the 1961-1963 Bambi that was 16’; while the Bambi II came in at 17’. Airstream didn’t begin producing owners’ manuals until 1964, so they were a brand-new feature with the debut with Bambi II. Research reveals only 230 Bambi II’s were manufactured. All the original Bambi’s and especially the 1964 Bambi II enjoy great popularity with collectors.

Freedom 95

Today, Airstream applies the Bambi name to all single-axle travel trailers. Their immense popularity isn’t just because of how they look: they’re easy to tow and incredibly versatile, proving great things really do come in small packages. We named ours ‘Freedom 95’ in honor of it being Nimble. Agile. and Free to roam. With a nod toward the 95 theses that started the Reformation.


Airstream Original Manual

Airstream Original Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get it?

Craigslist. Seriously, you can buy anything there. But the story is actually much better…

The ad stated ‘Greater Atlanta’, which we thought meant ‘way outside of Atlanta’ like near Macon or similar, but we inquired anyway because these are hard to find. The owner responded that he had recently met one of the partners at Reformation at a beer dinner at Cypress Street Pint & Plate a month or two back. (What are the odds?) Come to find out he sat right next to our CEO, Spencer Nix.

At this point, we’re getting excited but still thinking we’re going to have to drive to Macon to inspect the camper. The owner stated he gets it serviced twice a year (people don’t even service their car that often), but he takes it way up into Cherokee County to have the work done. (For those who don’t know, we are based in Cherokee County)

Needless to say, it was Providence that brought us to this Babmbi II and we’re proud to bring it to you as we Set Beer Free around town!

Did you have to renovate it?

Actually, not much at all. The previous owner had done major renovations in 2011 and used it as a mobile store. She even finished with red leather to match our Reformation brand 😉 We’ve made a few tweaks, such as new flooring and a bar, but we’re happy to have found the perfect one.


Where do you take it?

Freedom 95 will be on the road a lot as we visit festivals and events around town. Be sure to keep an eye out for it at your favorite accounts and festivals.


Can I use it?

You’re welcome to come visit, step inside, sit in the lounge, snap a selfie, play some cornhole, spin the prize wheel, and hopefully enjoy a Reformation beer with us. But she stays busy with events for the brewery and doesn’t have time to moonlight, plus she’s old and needs her rest.



Freedom 95 can accomplish many things when at an event. Imagination is the only limit.

Here is a list of some core capabilities:

  • 4 Internal Taps
  • 2 External Taps
  • Flash Chiller
  • Merchandise Cabinet
  • Meeting Benches & Table
  • Mini-Fridge

Keg Space
Room enough to store 8-16 1/2 BBL Kegs in the trailer during an event, dependent upon amount of room needed to move about inside the camper. Freedom 95 is never to used to transport kegs of beer. A separate truck or trailer should courier beer to location.

Gear Space
Room enough to transport and store the following event experience: 2 Bar Tables, 8 Bar Stools, 2 Umbrellas, Green Carpet, 6 Cornhole Boards, Prize Wheel, & Plenty of Merchandise.


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