The Lighthearted

Rosé Ale | 4.7% ABV


Rosé Ale

This dry, slightly tart, light bodied curiosity is a rosé inspired beer. Hints of cranberry tartness, soft wine tannins, and floral hibiscus hues illuminate the palate. 

Beer/Wine Hybrid

Utilizing up to 30% grape must, pilsner malts create a base for this crossover ale that brings wine and beer together for an intriguing, quirky result.


Alani brings laughter and light into the hearts of beer and wine lovers alike. Set seriousness aside and sip into a Lighthearted moment! 

Trust me. You can dance.

Trust me. You can dance.


Find Alani The Lighthearted in May, 2018 while supplies last.

Available in 12oz cans & draft at an independent retailer near you.

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Rosé All May… And Beyond

Warmer weather is trending, and Atlanta is thinking pink – rosé shades to be exact. We’ll be celebrating, sipping, and chillin’ our way through May and beyond with these wine inspired treats.

Get Lighthearted With Your Practice

So often, we walk into a yoga class with an agenda or carrying insecurities and it keeps us from discovering the lighter side of our practice. We assume finding center is serious business and we move through class so hyper focused we might miss the magic in letting go and finding humor in ourselves.

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