Alani's Perfect Pairings

Perfectly paired for summer sipping, our Rosé Ale, Alani the Lighthearted is a dry, light-bodied brew that tickles taste buds and may inspire new dance moves. Lighten humidity’s load by pairing it with some of our favorite summer eats.

Charcuterie – Hot summer days call for light dishes, and a sampling of meats, cheeses and fruit are often all that’s needed to punctuate the end of the day. A rainbow plate of salty and spicy cured meats, soft goat cheese and a colorful pile of summer berries and grapes can be a frolic for the senses. No matter what’s on the list, Alani’s blend of grape must and malts will add a light, tart playfulness to balance all the flavors and textures you choose. 

Kalua Pork – Typically seen at Hawaiian Luaus, Kalua pork is traditionally cooked in an underground oven, wrapped in banana leaves on top of hot coals, and cooks slowly for 6-7 hours. Thankfully, you can make delicious Kalua pork in a slow cooker and get a similar delicious result. Serve the traditional way with raw, chopped green cabbage, steamed rice and macaroni salad. 

Pineapple – Whether it’s tossed into pico de gallo or you eat it a ring at a time, the juicy, acidic fruit is one of those definitive summer foods. A fruit that serves well in both sweet and savory dishes, grill some pineapple and toss with fresh mango, red pepper, cilantro and lime juice for a delicious salsa that works with tortilla chips or towered on top of a grilled chicken breast. Alani brightens the flavors of the salsa, offering a delightful and fruity combination. 

Slushies, cocktails, frose – It’s not summer without the quintessential frozen drink, and thankfully, there’s a slushie, cocktail or frozen drink for just about everyone. With a low ABV, Alani is an easy drinking addition made for lighthearted summer days. Or reform your summer drinking with a twist on hibiscus flowers (one of Alani’s main tasting notes) and opt for a cocktail paired with vodka, mint and a pinch of jalapeno–pairing well with the tart quirkiness of Alani.  

No matter what dishes your palate is calling for, grab some family and friends and toast to the ease and lightness of summer.