“This is a story about God, politics and beer. This is also an interview, but first a bit of history.

Some time ago, around the year 1517, a guy named Martin Luther wasn’t happy with the Roman Catholic church. He had some gripes, namely 95 of them, which he called Theses. Luther took the Theses and nailed them to the front door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg, Germany sparking what is known as the Protestant Reformation. The Catholics got wind of this and were annoyed. What followed was 30-plus years of religious war and plunder.

While all of this was going on, good beer was being produced across 16th century Europe. Lots of ales, not the hoppy ales of today, but rather a simple refreshing brew that, along with bread, sustained entire villages between pillages.

This brings us back to Reformation Brewery of Woodstock, Ga., which is celebrating its second anniversary, or as the partners like to call it, Reformation Day. These guys have fought the good fight, declaring their independence and nailing a declaration of freewill to the door of the industry status quo.”