Reformation Bourbon takes center stage in 1885’s Bourbon Cocktail. Order up a “Peachy Palmer” in Acworth this April, and learn how Falon Moore-Caron mixes up this hand crafted sipper with Reformation’s Bourbon. Order up this featured drink from this gorgeous Acworth spot, mix one up for all your porch sippin’ all Summer long.

Sipping on cocktails, signing albums, and selling swag – join Jonathan Peyton in Woodstock March 1st as we celebrate the gift of singing our stories into existence! 

A ready-to-drink bourbon cocktail made with mint, lemon, simple syrup, and Reformation Bourbon. North Georgia Made and naturally gluten free. Tangy, refreshing. Made to celebrate Jonathan Peyton’s album Nothing Here’s the Same.

Enjoy this small batch, limited brewery release while it lasts from our Canton & Woodstock spots.

📢📢📢 ATTENTION all GEORGIA Beer Lovers, Small Business Champions, and Do Gooders – this is your moment to SHINE! Just 5 MINUTES can mean the world of difference.

⏰ Georgia residents – 👉 click to CALL ☎️ members TODAY 2/21 and THURSDAY 2/22. https://takeaction.io/brewersassociation/ask-georgia-lawmakers-for-a-yes-vote-on-the-f-o-a-m-act/

😘 Be courteous. Be respectful. Keep it short and direct.

Here’s a sample script:
“Hello, I’m calling Senator ______, urging him/her to support SB 163 for Georgia’s Small Breweries.”

✅ That’s it. Short and sweet. Thank the person on the phone. It won’t be the Senator. Thursday, February 22nd is our last opportunity for the Georgia Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee to vote on Senate Bill 163, “The F.O.A.M. Act.” SB 163 would give small breweries desperately needed flexibility by allowing them to self-distribute a limited amount of product locally to retailers and raise the daily “to-go” sales cap.

Meet Jared Holt of Prime 120, Woodstock GA as he mixes up the perfect espresso martini with Reformation’s Coffee Liqueur. Featured on their menu for the month of February, this hand crafted cocktail is refined and perfectly balanced. Enjoy one with dinner in their gorgeous dining room, or order up on from the bar for a night on the town in downtown Woodstock.

The recipe:
2oz espresso infused vodka
1/2 ounce Reformation Coffee Liqueur
Simple syrup to taste
Heavy cream to taste
Add ice – shake, strain, serve
Optional – garnish with espresso beans

It’s no secret that we love staying caffeinated with locally roasted Alma Coffee, and starting January 5th, we’re giving you even more reason to fill up your cup at Reformation Woodstock!

⭐ Get your 10th coffee FREE with our loyalty punch card
☕ Stay a while & enjoy your coffee for HERE with our new house mugs
🥤 GRAB-&-GO with our new reusable coffee Silipints with lid ($20 purchase includes cup & free coffee; 3% off every return purchase)

If January has you thirsty for more Reformation, you’re not alone. Our alcohol FREE options are expanding to get you, your thirsty friends, and your New Year’s Resolutions through (for however long you last). Drink up, as we tap into these – and more – NA offerings on tap:

Our alcohol-free menu is expanding!

NEW on tap, starting Friday, January 5th (all venues):

  • Blueberry Ranch Water Mocktail – an alcohol-free version of our favorite ready-to drink cocktail with fresh lime and real blueberry. 
  • Ginger Sour Mocktail – refreshing, tart, with subtly spicy ginger, this lemon/lime delight is 0% ABV, and 100% delicious!
  • Reformation Sparkling Water – drink it straight, customize with our in-house flavored syrups, or make it an Italian soda with a shot of cream +your flavor of choice.

Plus coffee, sodas, tea, and a rotating selection of hemp derived beverages

See you soon!

Thank you for everyone who brought their fur babies out for Santa Paws in at Reformation Woodstock! We have a great time celebrating with you. Click the link for the full album from @photosbylindsayann.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Join the fight for Fair & Open Access to Market and sign the petition @gacraftbrewersguild 💪 🍺 https://setbeerfr.ee/47esVqq

The craft brewing industry has seen significant growth over the past several years, thanks in part to some smart policy changes by lawmakers at the state Capitol (SB 85 in 2017). Unfortunately, Georgia still remains one of the most restrictive states to open and operate a small brewery.

With the challenges of rising costs of goods, materials, and services, supply chain challenges, market shifts and other economic pressures over the past few years, small breweries lack the flexibility they need to thrive, and in some cases, survive. Fair and Open

Access to Market is essential for a small brewery to meet consumer and community demand for their products.

The F.O.A.M. Act (Fair and Open Access to Market) would:

– Allow for limited self distribution for small brewers
– Reform beer franchise laws in Georgia. Georgia lacks fair franchise laws that govern how a small brewer enters into a relationship with a distributor.
– Remove the daily to-go limit of 288 oz. per person.

Urgent action is needed to keep this vital industry moving forward. These proposals will give local breweries the flexibility they need to not just survive, but thrive.

Thank you to Enjoy Cherokee for this feature article about Reformation’s CEO, Spencer Nix and our 10th Anniversary this October! It’s an honor to serve our community alongside neighbors who care deeply about small business in Cherokee County.

“Undoubtedly there is something for everyone to love at Reformation, but this article goes deeper. It’s about how ten years ago, a Cherokee County man, his wife, and his friends followed a crazy dream and made something inviting where the whole community could come together.”

“You would have to look hard in Cherokee County to find someone who hasn’t had an experience with one of Reformation’s taprooms; they are cornerstones of the communities they serve. From community group meet-ups—including Reformation Books & Brews book club and MilVet Community veterans’ group—to live music, pop-up markets, silent discos, Galentine’s celebrations, trivia nights, yoga workshops, tailgate parties, fundraisers, and more, Reformation’s events draw in community members of all ages, interests, and backgrounds to meet and get to know each other.”

Read more >

Line dancing, bull riding, and shotgunning – Reformation Rodeo was a good time! Thanks for celebrating with us as we attempted our first and greatest beer pyramid, & can only release of Shotgun Light Lager. Special thanks to Tyler Anderson at Southern Photo Co. for the great pics!

Brewing beer, kissing babies, petting all the good dogs. Our last Brew Night of the Summer is coming soon, Friday July 21st. Hope to see you there! Here’s a roundup of some moments from June.

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