This Friday, May 17, 2024, our Reformation Lemon Shandy releases – on tap and in 6-packs at all three taprooms (Canton, Woodstock, and Smyrna).

This fresh Lemon Shandy is your go-to companion for warmer months ahead. Poolside, lakeside, or simply chasing the Summer sun – this mix of light lager & fresh lemon pairs well with all your warm-weather adventures. 4.4% ABV. Available from May through August wherever Reformation beer is sold.

This year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration fell on the same day as Star Wars Day and the Kentucky Derby! And it made for a wild mashup ripe for magnificent moments! Light-sabers, horse races, piñatas, and furry friends alike!

Thank you for coming out to gather your loved ones, enjoy the North Georgia outdoors, and celebrate these moments together.

Photo credit to Lindsay Ann Photography.

The WPSL’s 2024 Season Kickoff and Jersey Release Party brought the energy and excitement! The party brought an exclusive jersey reveal, special remarks from key partners including Canton Mayor, Bill Grant, and a live podcast session with Georgia Impact coaches.

We’re so grateful for the way this community organization and its collaborative partners have come together to create a local impact beyond women’s soccer that offers much more than a club. Reformation is honored and privileged to join this collective of local partners.

Enjoy this photo roundup of the moment.

Photo credit to Lindsay Ann Photography.

The bracelets were bedazzling, the karaoke was adorbs, and the energy was infectious at our Taylor Swift Tortured Poets Department (TPD) Release Party!

We love seeing friends, family, and fans show up from every generation and background to make memories and celebrate moments that matter, together. Until the next release, video, or secret album release (or Chiefs game – 🫢).

Special thanks to Lindsay Ann of Lindsay Ann Photography for the great pics!

On St. Patty’s Day weekend, our Letterman Club members descended on our green backyard with a sea of red Reformation energy! Over 41 of our members, including their +1s, joined us for a member-led march to kick off our 2024 Shamrock Pub Crawl and walk downtown Woodstock to support our local merchants together. We had the privilege of welcoming our first-year members by robing them with their club jackets. Then, we raised our mugs, geared up, and with flagman in the lead, marched from eatery to eatery proudly showing our support for downtown Woodstock and its many local restaurants and bars.

We hope you’ll stay up to date with our Letterman Club this year and stay tuned for details on 2025 membership opening up in October. Discover all the benefits of belonging to this growing community of fans, friends, and reformers. 🍻🔴 Click here to learn more.

Green beer and leprechauns, sunshine and rainbows, delicious drinks, family & friends, and enough Irish spirit to make us lucky for a lifetime – our 2024 Shamrock Pub Crawl this past Saturday, March 16th, saw a full backyard and a community joyous to celebrate the beauty of Spring in North Georgia! Thanks for celebrating with us and kicking off an early Spring in true Irish style!

Special thanks to Lindsay Ann of Lindsay Ann Photography for the great pics!

Paul Clark, standing in front of our Letterman Club Membership Mug wall at our Woodstock taproom.

“I love that we are not just a job but we are a community. Every single person who works here is friends with everyone else who works here.” – Paul Clark

Meet the Crew: Paul Clark


Our Reformation Crew is the backbone of who we are and what we do. They are often the unknown faces and stories behind the well-known places and products you love. You can’t taste our drinks or enjoy our spaces without interacting with one of our incredible crew members.

This is why we launched a brand new series this past May highlighting our crew and featuring their stories called, “Meet the Crew.” Every 4-6 weeks, we will feature one crew member in a blog post and a fun video on social media to share their unique roles and personalities. So you can get to know the stories behind the faces. | Check out past features and faces by visiting our Stories tab.

FEATURING: Paul Clark, Project Manager, “Making sure everything we have works and looks great!”

For our next crew member, we want to introduce you to the resourceful, playful, jack-of-all-trades, and husband to Danica, Paul Clark, our Project Manager. With Reformation since 2019, you have probably seen Paul walking the yard to check on guests, adjust a T.V., install a sign, setup new lights, build structures, or even painting our newest mural in the Woodstock taproom (a quote and landscape inspired by one of Jonathan Peyton’s songs).

Although he started as a bartender (or “beertender” and host, as Paul says) and moved more into a project management and venue experience role, when he’s not creating, fixing, or building, you can still find Paul interacting with guests, guiding them through the menu for a delicious product, laughing with fellow service crew, or joining a team meeting to find out how to keep our venues working well and looking great. With a sharp eye for detail, endless ideas for improved guest experiences, and a strong opinion about almost everything (we love you Paul!), he pours his heart and soul into his craft and loves working with a coworkers he considers friends and family. Paul’s hard work, work ethic, and his can-do attitude bring an infectious energy to our culture to always be reforming.

When Paul is not fixing and figuring, he can be found with his wife Danica and their furry kids hiking, hanging with friends, on the lake, or experimenting in the kitchen.

Get to know more about Paul and what makes him who he is in the full video story and Q&A interview below.

Behind-the-scenes video story of Paul in his element and in a sit-down Q&A interview.


Do you have a fun nickname at work?

“I go by Danica’s husband a lot. That’s always fun. Um, ‘You’. Ha. No, I don’t have any nicknames here. There is one nickname but this person doesn’t know that I know they call me this so I won’t throw that out there.”

Who do you laugh at the most and why?

“Oh gosh, all we do is goof around and have a good time. We get a lot done but we laugh a lot. Probably Lyric, it’s gotta be Lyric. Danica scares me too much, I got to stay on my toes around that one.”

Favorite part of your job?

“I love that every week I am on a new challenge. I love that I can come in and be given crazy problems that I get to creatively solve. I love that every single day I wake up it looks different than the day before. I love being able to wake up and never get bored of my job.”

What is your all-time favorite Reformation moment?

“Oh, this is an easy answer. Such an easy answer. New Year’s Eve this past year (Dec. 2022) at The Keg Drop. The keg dropped, I got to kiss my wife and jump up on the container as the confetti went off as the Bulldogs beat Ohio State and it was spectacular. Go Dawgs!”

What is your favorite Reformation beer and the most underrated?

“The beer snob in me says my all-time favorite is Gluten Tog, our pumpernickel Dunkel. The not-so-beer-snob kid in me loved the Pineapple Milkshake IPA when I first got hired. Milkshake IPAs are almost always way too sweet and thick but this one was unreal. The most underrated beer we’ve ever had could be the Watermelon JOGR we had – we only had two kegs of it. Or it could be the Peanut Butter Cup Porter we have on tap right now.”

What are some hidden talents or special interests?

“I have a little bit of ADHD so I have a new special interest every week. I love love love documentaries. If I could sit down and watch a documentary every day, I would. I would get nothing done and my wife would not watch them with me. I just got out of my crime documentary phase and now into my food science phase researching what happens when you dry out oranges. Or what happens on a chemical level when you smoke meat. It’s an all-time hobby of mine. I think I am pretty good as a home chef. I like to cook a little bit of everything. I love smoking meat; what guy doesn’t? I love experimenting with fermentation which is what I got my Masters in. I can throw down on a mean steak or seafood. I love making kombucha.”

The most unique place to enjoy a drink with friends?

“It’s hard to get away from Reformation. Everything about our venue and our products I love. Other than here, I love having people over to our house and hosting and having cocktails.”

Beach or mountains?

“Summer? Beach. Winter? Mountains. I grew up in the mountains and I love them. So, mountains.”

Favorite outdoor North Georgia activity?

“I love hiking and backpacking. You got to go to Jack’s River Falls in Cohutta. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Ultimate Walk-up Music?

“I have thought about this question a hundred times. Maybe Bullets by Creed. Back in the Saddle by Aerosmith. My music taste is all over the place. Anything by Turnstyle.

Famous person, dead or alive, you’d want to spend the day with?

“Probably Ronnie Van Zant, the original songwriter and singer for Lynrd Skynrd. Half the band died in a plane crash in 1977. But their whole thing was, ‘We are rock stars but we go home and cut our grass on weekends just like you.’ Super down-to-earth.

Favorite genre of music?

“It’s got to be 80’s. I think music is on a 15-year cycle where it peaks and then it gets bad and repeats. We’re on the way up to a peak. I think the early to mid 80’s was a peak peak.”

Where are you from and where do you call home?

“I call Woodstock home so it’s convenient to pop in and make sure everything is running smooth. I grew up originally in Woodstock but before that, I lived in West Virginia. It has a wonderful community culture and a unique social identity. They love to embrace the Appalachian culture. I miss the snow a lot.”

What is one thing you love about Reformation culture?

I love that we are not just a job but a community. Every single person who works here is friends with every other person who works here. It’s incredibly collaborative and every person is cooperative. We are probably the most coherent group of coworkers that I have ever been in.

What is one thing you are super excited about for Reformation’s future?

“I am excited for us to continue to grow as a community gathering place not just a brewery. We are really pushing into directions that just encourage people to spend time here – to work from here, to meet here, to just gather with their friends here. I think that is something we are missing in our society in general.”

A pastor and a pilot start home brewing beer…

It sounds like the beginning of a good dad joke, but it’s a key part of our brand story and the values behind everything we love. November is National Entrepreneurship Month and we wanted to take a moment to honor our two entrepreneur/co-founders and OG reformers: Spencer Nix (former pastor), and Nick Downs (the pilot).

These two friends — along with their families and so many friends and supporters along the way — took a leap of faith over ten years ago. The risks to see their dreams become reality. To set beer free and liberate it into a new community of timeless values. From homebrewers to hometown brewery, Spencer and Nick embody the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our culture, values, and our growing community of reformers. They recognize entrepreneurship is definitely a community sport and are proudly in Cherokee by choice.

So, cheers to all the dreamers, doers, and reformers who never settle for being settled.

Woodstock, you brought the trick to our treat and the scare to the square! What a fun night celebrating all things fun dressing up, getting into character, and enjoying laughs, dances, and Halloween-themed drinks. || Special thanks again to Lindsay Ann of https://www.photosbylindsayann.com/.

Bracelet exchanges, live DJ, special Swifty-themed slushies and drink specials, decked-out taproom, parents dancing!, and lots of bestie moments all wrapped around Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated relaunch of her “1989” album. We loved seeing everyone come out in the Summer to celebrate Swift, we just had to experience the fun again. What an incredible night surrounded by such a loving community. Cheers to you, friends, and all your Swifty support! || Special thanks to Lindsay Ann of https://www.photosbylindsayann.com/ for the great pics!

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