Raise your spirits because we are about to spill the beans on our newest product from our Reformation Craft Spirits line.

From the aroma of their roastery and cafe to the warm hospitality and smiling faces of their team, Alma Coffee continues to be a valuable partner and an asset to our local community. When we had the opportunity to collaborate again with our friends on another unique product, we knew it would be a great story and delicious product.

Recently, our leadership team was honored to visit their Cherokee-based headquarters conveniently located off of Holly Springs Parkway in Canton for a tour, story updates, and a special tasting of our brand new Coffee Liqueur. In Spanish, “alma” translates to soul and makes up the spirit of this recipe and the soul behind the story of good drinks and great friendships.

*The Coffee Liqueuer releases this Friday, June 2, 2023, and can be purchased online for brewery pickup in our Woodstock and Canton taprooms.*

With a dark, rich coffee profile supported by cacao and vanilla, this Reformation offering features Alma Coffee’s extra dark roast – Ember– containing subtle notes of double chocolate cake, berry compote, and burnt marshmallow. North Georgia Made and naturally gluten free, our third-ever liqueur, behind our Black Currant Liqueur and Orange Liqueur, goes down bold and smooth and pairs nicely in a cocktail with our Reformation London Dry Gin.

Pair it with that after-dinner dessert gathered with friends after a long, hard day or that lunchtime break with your coworker when you need that smooth pick-me-up. This liqueur is great as an espresso martini paired with your favorite vodka or gin with espresso and simple syrup garnished with cream and coffee beans. The perfect uniter of your favorite morning and evening drinks, this liqueur marries the best of AM and PM: coffee and spirits with a vodka base. Now you can start your days and end your nights with coffee in style.

It’s said that coffee tastes better with friends, so Coffee Liqueur must taste even better (we may have just made that up, but it feels true). Whether you grab a bottle for yourself or as a gift for that next get together, get ready to enjoy the bold smooth flavors of this delicious drink. Gather around, celebrate the moments, and raise a glass (and your spirits) together. There is a story in every cup.

“The Alma team has been honored to partner with Reformation Brewery and their amazing team since the very beginning. What began as one roast has evolved into seasonal releases, lifetime friendships, and now this coffee liqueur. When you think of North Georgia, you think of small business, community, and…Reformation Brewery! Reformation’s uncanny support of other small businesses is why it has become such a staple in Georgia.

We are proud to see this next chapter of our partnership and can vouge in saying how absolutely delicious it is. Our team got to enjoy the coffee liqueur straight, no ice, nothing added and it BLEW US AWAY! We can’t wait for everyone else to try it!”

Leticia Hutchins, Owner & Founder, Alma Coffee

“Brew Nights organically grew over three years from 10-20 friends to over a hundred people with some travelling from all over Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and the Carolinas; with some opting to camp out on Nick’s property.”

– Spencer Nix, Co-founder, and CEO.

What are Brew Nights?

From home brew to hometown brewery, our story started at home with family, friends, and neighbors! This Summer join us for a throwback to our favorite OG Reformation tradition, Brew Night!

Once a month on third Fridays, from May-July you’re invited to gather around the brew kettle and share in community and conversation. We’ll open up the brew gates so you can get a first-hand look at the brewing process from our Woodstock taproom, turn up the music, and pour generously straight from the tank.

The Short Story Behind Brew Nights

“Around 2007, we started sharing our homebrew with a few friends and it was not organized at all. We’d say, ‘hey we’re gonna brew next Thursday because Nick (Nick Downs, Co-founder) is off and I don’t have a lot going on so let’s brew and hang out.’ So we’d brew and hang out with a few buddies and they loved it and would say, ‘hey, can I invite a few friends to come too?’ So, it started organically growing at Nick’s house on about 10 acres near the Clayton community. We got to the point where it needed more organization. At the same time, Nick and I started to plant a church together and build community locally. Brew Nights became a natural way to help build organic community. Brew Nights happened every third Friday where friends, family, and future friends could bring their own food and instruments to enjoy a meal, homebrewed beer, live music, campfires, and just hang out together. Brew Nights organically grew over three years from 10-20 friends to over a hundred people with some travelling from all over Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and the Carolinas; with some opting to camp out on Nick’s property.”

– Spencer Nix, Co-founder, and CEO

10-Years Brewing – 2013-2023

On October 31, 2013, Brew Nights moved from homebrew to hometown brewery with the official launch of Reformation Brewery – then on Arnold Mill. In 2023, with countless moments made, hundreds of beers released, a new Craft Spirits line of products, and three outdoor-friendly taprooms in and around North Georgia (Canton, Woodstock, and Smyrna), we celebrate 10 years of brewing beer with the same values and love for the community we had at our OG Brew Nights.

Bring a friend and enjoy community, conversation, and freshly brewed beer at our Summer Brew Nights every Third Friday from May to July. Find out more here.

“The good work of Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is vital to our community’s success.”

– Spencer Nix, Reformation Co-founder and CEO

It is hard to truly appreciate something until you are fully immersed in the experience of it.

Yesterday, under blue skies, sunshine, and the cool breeze of Spring, we had the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves and experience the beauty of the Chattahoochee River up close and personal. Jason Ulseth, Riverkeeper, and Kyndall Thiessen, Development Director, took us on a guided riverboat tour of the ‘Hooch to learn about and experience the incredible work of their Chattahoochee Riverkeeper team — keeping Atlanta’s vital water source clean and safe since 1994.

Their love for the river, passion to care for it, and tireless work to preserve it for future generations is contagious.

The Chattahoochee River “begins as a tiny stream in north Georgia and flows all the way to the Apalachicola Bay and is the most heavily used water resource in Georgia” (source, CRK’s Fun Facts). We learned that the river is not only a primary water source for Metro Atlanta’s 5 million residents but has weathered many storms from sewage and industrial pollutants to litter trails and the dangers of extreme droughts and floods. Not only do we depend on the river to live, work, and play but so do the surrounding wildlife and the natural ecosystem.

The river creates a sustainable source of water as well as feeds many outdoor activities like hiking, tubing, boating, and so much more. Nearly 30 years of river keeping has helped revitalize land along the river leading to development and redevelopment projects and investment in new businesses and neighborhoods as well as plans for future parks and trails. The fruits of their labor are paying off with exciting new developments and a river that is 99% clean of sewage contamination.

One of those development efforts includes The Eddy at Riverview Landing in Smyrna — a mixed-use development including townhomes, retail, eateries, coffee shops, an outdoor amphitheater, walking trails, and Reformation’s own Smyrna taproom with adjacent bbq restaurant and outdoor seating and river access.

Why would a brewery care about river keeping? Because keeping clean water flowing is bigger than just keeping beer taps pouring. It ensures a sustainable water resource for our kids and grandkids for years to come. Here is why we are honored and privileged to be one of their partners and now neighbors in Smyrna:

“Good water isn’t just our business’ most precious natural resource, good water creates spaces that people want to gather and enjoy. The good work of Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is vital to our community’s success. Our shared values and vision to create space to enjoy and liberate moments that matter to people in North Georgia make Chattahoochee Riverkeeper one of our most valued partners.”

Spencer Nix, Reformation Co-Founder and CEO.

Our Smyrna taproom offers 16 beers on tap, adjacent bbq, events like music bingo every Thursday at 7 pm and trivia every Sunday at 6 pm, and the following hours:

TUES – THURS: 3 pm – 9 pm

FRI – SAT: 12 pm – 10 pm

SUN: 12 pm – 9 pm

Located at 6255 Riverview Rd. SE Building 4000 Suite 200
Smyrna, GA 30126

*You can join us in supporting their important mission too -through gifts and volunteer work.

Visit chattahoochee.org to learn more.

Meet the Crew: Discover the Faces and Stories behind Who We Are and What We Do.

“You can come up to Reformation anytime, any day and there will always be somebody there to talk to whether it’s a friend, a local, or a regular. Everyone is so happy and welcoming here.” — Danica Clark


Our Reformation Crew is the backbone of who we are and what we do. They are often the unknown faces and stories behind the well-known places and products you love. You can’t taste our drinks or enjoy our spaces without interacting with one of our incredible crew members.

This is why we are launching a brand new series starting this May highlighting our crew and featuring their stories called, “Meet the Crew.” Each month, we will feature 1-2 crew members in a blog post and a fun video on social media to share their unique roles and personalities.

FEATURING: Danica Clark, Woodstock Venue Coordinator

For the kick-off to this series, we want to introduce you to Danica Clark, our Woodstock Venue Coordinator responsible for the overall condition of the Woodstock taproom as well as staff and service execution. You have probably seen Danica in Woodstock serving guests with a smile, gladly guiding their beer decisions, laughing with her fellow crew members, and working hard to keep things running smoothly and looking great.

When she’s not serving our guests, Danica can be found enjoying the outdoors with her husband Paul, fur baby life with her dog Cowboy, searching for tasty pickles, or hanging with her friends over a skinny margarita.

Get to know Danica and what makes her who she is in the conversation below.

And, watch this fun video on our YouTube channel. Share it from our Instagram page.


Do you have a fun nickname at work?

Yes, they call me Danny, Danimals, Danny Bananny, Alex calls me Dannacan, so yeah, I have a lot.

Where are you from and where do you call home?

I grew up in Kennesaw – I went to school and college down there. I recently moved to Woodstock, Georgia, and fell in love with it and call it my home now.

What is your favorite Reformation beer and the most underrated?

My favorite of all time – we had a vegan blueberry milkshake IPA or our honeydew Kolsch. The most underrated is Stark. Once the weather hits 65 degrees, a nice Stark is very crisp, easy to drink, but still warms you; it’s great.

What are some hidden talents or special interests?

I know sign language as well as I was a clogger for about 20 years. It was so fun – I started when I was two-and-a-half. I had a great team. We went to competitions and won state, went to nationals and I was on the state team. It was very fun.

Favorite time of year?

Late Autumn.

Favorite place to vacation?

Vail, Colorado.

What is the best thing that coworkers say you bring to the crew?

My leadership style and positive attitude.

Favorite place to enjoy a great drink with friends?

Anywhere we can get a great margarita. As long as it’s a skinny margarita, on the rocks, with sugar on the rim.

What’s a fun fact about you according to your husband?

Her husband Paul says, “She’s the best dog mom around and the best passenger princess on long road trips.”

Favorite walk-up music and why?

“Man, I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain. If you know me, you know that’s it. It’s the only song I do karaoke to. Once I hear the intro, I’m up, and I’m singing, I love it!

Favorite movie of all time?

Forest Gump. I quote the “run, Forest, run” all the time. I quote it anytime I see somebody running.

Who is your absolute favorite person at work?

[Laugh] My husband would kill me if I don’t say him, but it differs from day to day.

What is one thing you love about Reformation culture?

You can come up to Reformation anytime, any day and there will always be somebody there to talk to whether it’s a friend, a local, or a regular. Everyone is so happy and welcoming here.

Reformation is very passionate about being North Georgia Made and all things outdoors. What is something you love doing in the outdoors?

I love going paddleboarding on the lake – specifically Lake Allatoona. Taking the dogs hiking. The boat. I just like to be outside in the sun.

Want to join our incredible crew and get in on the excitement? Send in your resume at the link below to apply: https://reformationbrewery.com/careers/

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