Bourbon Barrel-Aged Declaration

Keeping Series Release

9.9% ABV

Small batch, limited release, and crafted with patience. Giving in to mystery can yield great gifts. Celebrate this series as a rare moment when it meets you in the bottle or on draft.


Nestled into bourbon barrels for a year’s night sleep, Declaration (our Imperial Stout) added oak, vanilla, and bourbon caramel notes to its rich foundation of deep roasted malts, chocolate bitterness, and subtle dark fruit aroma.

Only 500 bottles were released. A rarity on draft, this cellar worthy creation matures and mellows with age. Packaged for retail in a limited release gift set that includes one BBA Declaration along with a pair the original.



Moments of Gratitude & Deep Reflection


Creme Brulee, Dark Chocolate, Coffee Ice Cream, Bread Pudding


Music that inspires quiet reflection and new awakenings.


Every Day is Earth Day!

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Kurt Wheeler – 2021 Woodstock Artist in Residence

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44 {The Hammer}

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Top 10 Things To Do While Social Distancing

Top 10 Things To Do While Social DistancingSocial distancing got you down? We feel you. Until we're all back to work like usual, here are our favorite ways to stay connected, calm, and entertained while following the rules for flattening the curve. 1. Drink good beer...

10 Days of Hope | Reformation Brewery Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Staff

WOODSTOCK, GA — Reformation Brewery created a fundraising campaign and limited beer release to benefit their furloughed and out of work staff affected by coronavirus. In a public announcement on Reformation Brewery's social media, the brewery states, "Whether you...

COVID 19 Preparedness & Action Plan

Updated 7/2/2020 While we HAVE NOT had any crew members test positive for COVID-19, we do have policies in place within our COVID-19 Response Plan in the likely event that one day a crew member does test positive, which includes communicating with the public about any...

Our Favorite Pints and Pies

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In Georgia, and across the country, the craft brewery industry has been booming in recent years. To sort out the best of the best, a new list ranked the most popular brewery in each state. {read more}

Smyrna’s Best Parks and Trails

The city of Smyrna is rich in diversity and community spirit, and offers a dense suburban feel with close proximity to the city and plenty of parks, trails and outdoor spaces in which to spend an afternoon and explore. Designed for a 2 to 3 hour adventure for you to...

5 Things to Love About Craft Beer

Valentine’s Day is upon us, a time when we take a moment to reflect on those feelings of love and affection we have and don’t always find the words or take the time to express properly. In that spirit we’d like to celebrate the beer we drink and appreciate all the joy...

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