Bar Manager | Sarah Gregorcyk

Meet our Bar Manager, Sarah Gregorcyk. Small, but mighty, when Sarah’s not managing our Keeping Room, or serving smiles from behind the bar, you’ll find her hard at work cleaning the lines, tracking all those tasty growler fills, and making sure the bar is sparkly and stocked. Bonus points for being a source of unmatched humor. Thanks for making us laugh, Sarah! #hashtagblessed #valueofhumor


Current Beer Crush

A mixture of Wilder and Declaration. I prefer a little more Wilder, so I pour about 1/3 Declaration + 2/3 Wilder. It’s delicious! Reminds me of a chocolate covered cherry.

Reformed Beer Pairing

I drink what I like with whatever I feel like eating. I do however, enjoy trying different recipes using our beer. Cheryl, one of our lovely KR staff members, makes an incredible Declaration cake. Ashton, a friend of mine, uses our 95 Munich Lager in her chili recipe and it is HANDS DOWN the best chili I have ever had.

The most tried and true “pairing” that has never failed me is the Jude Mimosa. You can make this one of two ways:  {Jude + OJ} or {Jude + splash of champagne + OJ}. Both are winners, just depends on the kind of day you’re trying to have.


Best Moment in Beer

Enjoying an Atlas with my love after a very long, hard workday.


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