“At the end of the day, it’s wild. It’s chaotic. And there’s beauty in that. – Spencer Nix

I started painting in seminary when life started getting really stressful, feeling the pressure of school, and I was married and we were trying to have kids and we were unsuccessful. And so it was my way of breathing and dealing with stress. And I found it relaxing, and helpful. It brings perspective, and enlightenment.

We’re so in a rush. Anything that can slow us down I’m a proponent of.

Spencer 4 JUDE Beyond the Glass

I did it for all my kids. I do the same kind of perceptional piece. Lines, and abstract within the lines. It’s kind of life for me. Both boundaries and fences, and in the midst of it it’s chaotic. It looks like a six-year-old did it, but it’s more of a hobby. A calming and reflecting time for me.

It’s not just alcohol that needs moderation. We need moderation in life. We go through life drunk on the next high, whatever that is. Even relationships. There’s a beauty in balance that I think gets lost in the way our society is structured and goes about itself.

I think a lot times we look at the future and there’s a lot of fear associated with it. But ultimately, success has already been defined for me and there’s security in that. I mean, if the business failed tomorrow it would hurt. It would be painful. But even in that, I know that my ultimate good has already been served. And even that failure would serve an ultimate good. A purpose. That world view helps me.

The very art of brewing is a parable in moments of providence. We can control certain things. But at the end of the day, it’s wild. It’s chaotic. And there’s beauty in that. I don’t want to get overly philosophical. It’s beer right?

But there’s an amount of faith to it. Faith is not always unseen though. I think sometimes we think a leap of faith means we’re just jumping off into unknowns. And while the future of our business in a lot of ways is unknown, I trust in why we do what we do, and how we’ve done it. It doesn’t show me the future, but it gives me hope, and trust for what’s to come.

Meet JUDE | A New (Again) Member of the Family

The world is always changing. There is a gift of providence in that. A preciousness, and a sense of hope. That every day will close and begin anew…

Beyond the Glass


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