“Cadence Fair is a little different for us, it’s a lot bigger,” Lamb said. “The scope of downtown Woodstock is different, we’re able to have two stages in two different parts of the city throughout the day, filled with vendors, pit masters, beer trailers and live music on both of those stages.”

The festival’s name is derived from one of Reformation’s beers, Cadence, a Belgian-style ale that is a staple in the company’s lineup.

“We’re celebrating the cadence of life, the everyday gifts and rhythms, and this is going to be a day where we celebrate our city and its gifts,” said Spencer Nix, CEO of Reformation. “Woodstock has a slogan that they’re an unexpected city, and there are a lot of unexpected gifts in the city. Let’s celebrate our community. Let’s have some music, barbecue, local makers come and invent at the market.”