Saturday Oct. 7, 2017

The inaugural CADENCE FAIR is Saturday, October 7, 2017 in downtown Woodstock, Georgia. It has been a whirlwind education in city wide event planning to get here. But we are here, still standing and ready to celebrate with our city, our people, our community.

In this moment, I am so proud. Because it really is about something so much bigger than any brand. What we are doing is about every maker who has used their own hands to learn and engage this world we live in. That’s not only worth celebrating and drawing attention to, it might just be what makes us humans so beautiful. In this day you might have to peel back a facade or turn off the screen to find it. My hope is that CADENCE FAIR is a unique and somewhat unexpected celebration of makers, those who use their hands in a diversity of ways to create something real. I like how Doug Stowe, a self-employed woodworker, says it:

“To put the hands at the center of learning is to recognize the full potential of the human soul. We are given these instruments to be of service to each other, and even the very young and very old have need of being useful to their families and communities.”

CADENCE FAIR will include over 30 makers who will be set up to present their creations. There will be over 35 BBQ competitors who will literally have labored with their hands for 24 hours to present their craft to be judged and critiqued. There will be over 45 musicians and performers sharing their art. And then there will be you. You get to be a part of this, and it’s not an insignificant role.

Because what is a song without an audience to hear it? What is amazing food without a palette to appreciate it? Art is so much more beautiful when it is shared with others. This Saturday, we invite you to share in the community, craft, and creativity at CADENCE FAIR. Cheers! This is just the beginning.

Here We Stand,
Spencer Nix, CEO & Co-founder

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