This year’s CADENCE FAIR is going to be a party for the books. Here are 9 reasons our 9th Anniversary celebration is where you should be Saturday, Oct. 22!

1. This is Woodstock, Georgia, one of Georgia’s most unexpected travel destinations.

2. Weather is gonna be North Georgia perfect.

3. The local artist talent lineup is worthy of support.

4. The craft beer tap list is just us showing off a bit. Sorry about the brag, but as we are going into our 10th year in this craft it’s pretty evident we’ve learned a thing or two, taste and see for yourself.

5. Collaboration beers with local legends the Pie Bar and Sprayberry Bottle Shop.

6. NEW Reformation Craft Cocktails: Sweet Tea Lemonade Moonshine Cocktail/The “JOHN DALY”, Grapefruit Gin Cocktail, Blueberry Ranch Water Cocktail.

7. Fair vendors and the best Makers in all of North Georgia, come meet the Makers and purchase local goods straight from the source.

8. Featuring the art of cirque from Inverted Circus performers.

9. The community of humans representing a diversity of stories, experiences, and values gathered together to enjoy common gifts of love and joy.

Huge shoutout to our sponsors Downtown Woodstock, Outlaw Offroad – Atlanta, and Uncle Whiskey!

You’ll want the Cadence Fair Party Pack, which includes 5 complimentary pours & a Silipint for sustainable refills.

As Reformation Brewery celebrates our ninth year this October, I’m excited to announce a new project that’s been in the works for a while now. We have obtained our distillery license and Reformation Craft Spirits will be hitting our taps this week! Reformation Craft Spirits are created with the same intentional values and purpose as our craft beers and will join our family of products to serve our growing and diverse community. 

Draft craft cocktails will be our first Reformation Craft Spirits and served exclusively from our venue taps in Woodstock and Canton. We’ve been testing and working on products that fit our community’s preferences and made sure they are also crafted with the love and care you’ve come to expect from Reformation. As we move forward with this project, you can expect gins, vodkas, agave spirits, and with patient time, whisky aged right here in North Georgia. 

Reformation Craft Spirits actually began as a secret project back in January 2020, but due to a global pandemic that forced our focus on surviving and thriving again, it was put on hold. However, as you continue to amaze and humble us – you not only sustained Reformation, but your passion for Reformation empowered us to rekindle this project over the last year. We are excited to share our new craft with you. In more than one way, it’s created for you and because of you. You have lifted our spirits to new heights and now we raise a glass of finely made Reformation Craft Spirits to you, cheers! 

– Spencer Nix, CEO & Cofounder

A Prosecco Inspired Peach Ale, Princess Peach is dainty, refreshing, and dangerously good with real peach added (7.6%). Small batch, limited release, and coming soon to retailers near you! Claim your crown starting Friday, Sep. 16th for brewery pickup.

Pairing: Complement with fruity and sweet, or go spicy for contrast
Moment: Stomping goombas, saving the day, or floating on a cloud
Music: Enjoy this Spotify playlist, specially curated for this beer.

Don’t miss this moment!

Starting this Saturday, the 17th (Woodstock only), $20 gets you a full pour and a Reformation boot!

Save the date for WDSTKtoberfest in Downtown Woodstock on the 24th at 10am with a keg tapping from Mayor Michael Caldwell in our backyard!

Inspired by our favorite Man in Black (if you know, you know), welcome Man of No Consequence, an American Barleywine aged in Buffalo Trace barrels. 

This boozy beauty has notes of vanilla, warm bourbon, caramel, and toffee and pairs well with swordplay, rescuing fair ladies, and reading in bed. OK maybe just the reading in bed part. Be careful with pointy objects.

Reserve yours for next day pickup while it lasts, or stop by and taste what’s good starting Friday, September 9th from your neighborhood Reformation.

What’s a Barleywine anyway?

With the heft, complexity, and alcohol of many dessert wines, a Barleywine is decidedly not a wine at all, but among the most decadent beers you can find. 

Dark, malty, & layered in flavor, this ancient style reportedly goes back to the days of Ancient Greece, predating the use of hops as a preservative.  

Ideal for storing through long cold nights, or savoring as the last of Summer temps drift away. Break open the Stilton or some funky blue cheese for contrast, or compliment with bread pudding, caramel crème brulee, or your favorite cheesecake.

“If you like the classic Arnold Palmer, you’re going to love Common Thread. More than that, this one is personal. As a citizen of this county whose family goes back many generations and a member of the History Cherokee board of directors, it’s crucial we know our past; good, bad, and ugly, in order to become an even better community in the future.

We have an amazing story full of some beautiful characters who have shaped us into the community we are today. That story should be preserved, remembered, and told for generations to come. I’m excited about the opening of the History Cherokee center and invite you to become more connected to the story. Become a member today. To the common thread that weaves us all together, cheers!” – Spencer Nix, CEO & Co-founder

FRIDAY 9/2 – Welcome Common Thread, a light Pale Ale (4.8%) featuring black tea & fresh lemon for an Arnold Palmer-esque experience.

While supplies last, $1 per pint/pack is donated in support of History Cherokee and their mission to inspire empathetic and engaged communities, cultivate a love of learning and greater understanding about our shared past, and serve as a trusted community resource for Cherokee County history. Learn more at

Preorder for brewery pickup:

On behalf of Reformation Brewery, I’d like to welcome Jekyll Brewing and its entire team to downtown Woodstock. Woodstock is not only my hometown, but Reformation has also called Woodstock home for 9 years! In so many ways we have grown up with our city and have loved every moment. Jekyll will now also get to enjoy all the great attributes of Woodstock alongside of us and many other small independent businesses that create a very special place in our growing downtown. 

We look forward to a collaborative relationship with ALL businesses that choose to serve this community, including those that many would consider competition. Competition breeds excellence and you can rest assured we will continue to strive for excellence every day. I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “high tide raises all ships” and that is exactly what we look forward to in making Woodstock an even greater community.

I appreciate all the calls and messages of support. You’ll never know how much each of you mean to me personally. You have stood with us through the dark days of a global pandemic and because of you we not only sustained our business but emerged stronger than ever. Our community will continue to grow and Reformation Brewery will continue to live our values and vision to gather, serve, and love each of you. All are welcome at Reformation and we invite everyone to help us make each community we serve better. Cheers!

Spencer Nix, CEO & Co-founder Reformation Brewery


Buy The Beer, Keep the Boot! Join us September 17th-Oct 1st at our Woodstock taproom as we celebrate the return of Reformation Oktoberfest. While supplies last, we’ll have 16.9oz glass beer boots available to fill up and take home for $20.

Let’s PartySave the date for Oct 1st when we turn Woodstock into a Bier Garden of your dreams! Local vendors, good eats, and beer of course.

Cadence Fair 2022

Welcome to Woodstock for our annual celebration of music, crafts, and community! It’s a birthday party for Reformation in the best way we could imagine – spending time with you. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Nightmare on Elm St.

Costume party? Absolutely. Get spooky with Reformation Woodstock October 29th as we transform our space into a haunted hangout. This free event has no cover and no age restriction. See you there!


Dig out your crop tops, hair clips, and graphic tees. We’re throwing it back to Y2K with a party in Woodstock, Friday, Nov. 4th. Prepare for a killer playlist, and more fun on tap.

Breakfast & Black Friday

It’s a Reformation tradition to roll out of bed at 6AM the day after Thanksgiving and start sipping on all the most delicious beers we can find. Stay tuned for more details coming soon, including a pancake breakfast and more surprises! Friday, Nov. 25th starting at 6am (yes, AM).

A Märzen style Oktoberfest with notes of toffee & caramel, this seasonal release returns to your neighborhood Reformation Friday, 8/19.

Pouring a warm amber hue, this unfiltered lager features Epiphany Coffee Malt and Bavarian lager yeast. Spunded and lagered for over 8 weeks for that classic clean finish, this might be our best batch yet! 

Spunded and what? Spunding is a process of allowing brewers to naturally carbonate their beer and is a proven German practice for creating the smallest-possible bubbles and creamy mouthfeel in beers.

Before the days of mechanical refrigeration, German brewers stored beer in cool, deep caves, especially during the hot summer months. “Lagern” is a German verb meaning “to store.” Today, brewers continue the tradition, holding lager beer at cool temps for the best flavor, clarity, and condition.

A small-batch malt house in Durham, N.C., Epiphany connects regional farmers with brewers to create a sense of place in their beers and is committed to establishing a resilient, sustainable, and quality supply of domestically grown malt, which gives Reformation Oktoberfest exceptional flavor and character.

Wondering what’s happening at your neighborhood Reformation?

October 1st in Woodstock, we’re throwing down for an Oktoberfest party you don’t want to miss! We’ll have music, beer, local vendors, and Queenie’s BBQ is bringing the eats. Bring your crew for fun all day, or snag VIP tickets while they last and we’ll save ya a beer boot and more.

Join us in Woodstock for a kickoff party with 97.1 The River as we welcome A Cold One! Live broadcast, beer (of course), prizes, and more fun Friday, May 27 from 4:30-6:30pm.

This crisp, easy, light – A Cold One is a refreshing and classic Pilsner that joins our year-round portfolio beginning Memorial Day weekend! Stop by your neighborhood Reformation and taste what’s good.

Wave your flags and raise your pints, it’s Reformation IPA Day!

The Mayor of Woodstock hereby declares this day, Friday, Feb. 25th, Reformation IPA Day! From this day forward, the last Friday of February shall hereby be known as Reformation IPA Day in the city of Woodstock, celebrating the spirit of a beer made by and for our community. 

An Unfiltered American IPA (6.5%) made in Cherokee County by Reformation Brewery, this year round offering is “Inspired by the natural beauty of the people and places in Reformation’s communities, with years of research, development, and crafting behind this beer,” says CEO & Cofounder, Spencer Nix. “Our heart and soul are in this self-titled IPA. It’s our gift to IPA and beer drinkers from the lowlands to the highlands of Georgia. Unfiltered, balanced, reliable – Reformation IPA.”

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