Gather & Connect

Beer is a good gift. So is the community it inspires.

Books & Brews

Join our community of book and beer lovers for a meeting of the minds.

Game Night

A family friendly monthly meetup for tabletop games and good times.

Outdoor Adventures

Get outside! Enjoy the good gifts of nature with Reformed beer lovers.

Reformation Stands

We connect with select charities each year in order to develop deeper relationships, and further invest our passion and people into meaningful causes that make a difference in the communities we serve. {learn more}

Community Connections

Reformation encourages you to join one of our community-led group events above or reach out to connect your current group to us.

Curl Up with a Book and a Brew

Reading a book is one of those activities that many people associate with a particular ritual; whether it’s a favorite spot, the best kind of lighting, or a snack or drink to accompany them as they get lost inside the pages. These true originals offer easy reading,...

Don’t Waste A Day Without Laughter

The definition of a balanced diet? A pint in each hand. (Sorry--we couldn’t resist.) In case you haven’t heard, laughing is good for you. A good laugh has been known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve cardiac health and frankly, just feels good. Laughter...

Timeless Pie & Beer Pairings for Inspired Holiday Drinking

'Tis the season to celebrate, and what better way than with pie and beer? Whether you’re committed to classic flavors or seeking inspiration this season, these pie and beer pairings will give you reason to raise a glass! PUMPKIN PIE (+) Porter...

Plan Your Visit

Our Keeping Room is a place where family, friends, and strangers gather for conversation & community over well-made beer.

Community Support

Reformation is proud to sponsor, support, and celebrate community focused projects.

Plan Your Party

Our beers are designed for your moments in life. Use this Drink Calculator to know how much Reformation beer is needed for your next celebration.

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