Raising a Glass to the Staying Power of Classics

Reading a book is one of those activities that many people associate with a particular ritual; whether it’s a favorite spot, the best kind of lighting, or a snack or drink to accompany them as they get lost inside the pages. These true originals offer easy reading, much like the easy drinking of a classic pour like Cadence, and acknowledge the rhythm of life.

Great reads are a gift in the everyday and are better when shared. Classic titles can strengthen a love for reading that was once lost, sparking inspiration for a reader at a new time or place in their life. Much like reaching for the comfort of your favorite craft beer, page by page or sip by sip, moments are created and re-experienced.

Here are three reasons why classics of all kinds hold staying power in our hearts:

  1. Creatures of habit, unite! Once opened, good books, like great beers, are meant to be enjoyed again and again. Opening the first page or taking the first sip shows appreciation for the finer things–stories, beer, and experiences.
  2. The best ones leave us inspired, or touch on something timeless that connects us to something bigger than ourselves: You can tell a lot by the name of someone’s all-time favorite read or by the beer they choose to drink. Preferences like these leave a personal imprint, inviting conversation and community.
  3. Classic books are the milestones of literary tradition. These timeless titles stand out as trailblazers in their literary movements or genres in part because of their ability to illustrate a time, place or genre in a way that connected with readers. They create new experiences while maintaining the comfort and familiarity of an old friend. And like any tradition, introducing new experiences to people you love creates a sense of community and connection.

Sharing stories, whether they’re on a page or through a conversation, fuel connection and remind us to appreciate the joys of a good book, a good friend, and a good brew.