Lead Brewer | Paul Hamill

Meet our Lead Brewer, Paul Hamill. A microbiologist and little known mastermind behind our Imperial Stout, when Paul’s not counting yeast cells, keeping tabs on quality assurance, and greasing the wheels on all things stuck around the brewery, you’ll find him tending to his home garden, pairing up his favorite curry with his favorite company, and telling jokes like the true Irishman he is.


Current Beer Crush

Last night I blew the dust off an old bottle of our Belgian Tripel which had been aged in a bourbon barrel for about 10 months, blended with some fresh Jude and then bottle conditioned. Rocked me to my socks, matured like a fine Irishman I know quite well.

Reformed Beer Pairing

If you ever get a chance try J. Miller’s beef brisket which he slow smokes and then cooks down in Cadence and serves it all up in a taco. To die for but not on his regular menu. Other than that I love Union with a Chicken Vindaloo or other spicy Indian dishes.


Best Moment in Beer

Drinking a Declaration on the screen-porch on a spring evening watching the deer eat all the stuff I just planted. Helps me stay calm and in the moment.


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COVID 19 Preparedness & Action Plan

COVID 19 Preparedness & Action Plan

Updated 7/2/2020 While we HAVE NOT had any crew members test positive for COVID-19, we do have policies in place within our COVID-19 Response Plan in the likely event that one day a crew member does test positive, which includes communicating with the public about any...

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Our Favorite Pints and Pies

Our Favorite Pints and Pies

Come to the nerd side--we have pi(e). (We kid, we kid.) But in all seriousness, there’s not much we don’t love about pie--particularly that of the pizza variety. You could say that we’re totally into all things Pi Day: it’s a chance for us to get together on March...

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