Do board games and beer work into your definition of adulting? Have you rolled your share of twenty-sided dice? Do you pwn the competition?

If you’re like us, Game Night is the perfect way to celebrate the gift of good friends and good competition. And being a grown-up means we get to combine our passion for good beer with these moments of win.

A beer designed to be enjoyed as part of the rhythm of everyday moments. Handcrafted as a Belgian Dubbel, it is abundant in malt with mild hop bitterness, medium body and gentle carbonation at 6.9% ABV.


Game Night Pairings: Belgian Ale

  • Rummy: a game where players try to form sets and sequences. You’ll need patience.
  • Life: America’s first popular board game simulates a person’s travels through life. You’ll need beer.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: as in life, characters embark upon adventures to accomplish goals of their own alignment. Embrace the cadence of rolling dice and crawling dungeons.

Atlas is a beer designed to be enjoyed along the path of adventure. Handcrafted as an Rye India Pale Ale, the beer is deep rust in color, with a citrusy aroma, hints of caramel malt, and a distinct spiciness of rye. Gently carbonated and medium to full body allows the bittering hops to linger on the roof of the mouth. 6.8% ABV


Game Night Pairings: Rye IPA

  • Mille Bornes: the premise is that the players are in a road race. You’ll need refreshments along the road.
  • Risk: played on a board depicting a political map of the Earth, the object is to occupy every territory on the board. You’ll need the heart of an adventurer.
  • Settlers of Catan: players assume the roles of settlers attempting to build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources. You’ll need to wander from home in order to grow.


Union is a beer designed to celebrate connecting with others. Created for that moment when a stranger becomes a friend. At 4.8% ABV with a mild, but balanced tart citrus from dried lemon and orange peel, Union is a refreshing witbier.


Game Night Pairings: Belgian Wheat

  • Spades: a partnership game where bids and tricks taken are combined for a partnership score. You’ll need to work well with others.
  • Catch Phrase: the goal for each player is to get their team to say the word or word phrase displayed in the disc. You’ll need a good vocabulary and like-minded teammates.
  • Pandemic: where your team works together to stop several virulent diseases that have broken out simultaneously all over the world! You’ll need quick wit(bier) to succeed.


Stark is a beer created to embrace the quieter moments. To stand in stark contrast to the noise of life. A Robust Porter at 5.5% ABV with hints of chocolate from roasted malts and a mild sweet finish from toasted coconut, this everyday beer begs you to savor the moment a little longer.


Game Night Pairings: English Porter

  • Blackjack: the most basic game in all casinos is also the most popular. You’ll need to embrace the simplicity.
  • Checkers: when so many games create complicated graphics, rules, and scoring, you can appreciate a quiet moment of checkers with a friend.
  • Chess: a simple game of strategy that is complex enough to last you a lifetime. Just like your Stark porter.

Declaration is a beer created to stand for standing up. Declaration is key to any revolution. An imperial stout at 9.7% ABV with complex and rich flavors that reveal themselves over time, this beer is best savored and sipped slowly as it warms in your glass.


Game Night Pairings: Imperial Stout

  • Poker: take a gamble to become the winner determined by the ranks and combinations of players’ cards, some of which remain hidden until the end of the game. Declare your cards boldly while winning.
  • Battleship: the classic duel to declare a champion of sea battle. Sip slowly as you plot your attacks.
  • Carcassonne: a tile-placement game in which the players draw and place a tile with a piece of southern French landscape on it. You’ll need to declare the kingdom yours.

Providence is a beer crafted to share during diverse moments in life when answers are elusive but the freedom to simply enjoy a good gift is not. A belgian tripel that is deep gold in color, its aroma and flavor are complex with estery sweet and citrus finish where the 9.2% ABV goes largely unnoticed, much like providence.


Game Night Pairings: Belgian Tripel

  • Hearts: the game is unique in that it is an evasion-type game; players avoid winning certain penalty cards in tricks, usually by avoiding winning tricks altogether. You’ll need to accept that you can’t plan for everything.
  • Trivial Pursuit: you’ll need to to know the answers to progress, but it’s the providence of which question you get that leads to victory.
  • Legendary: a game of villains and heroes where decks of cards determine the victor. You’ll need fortune on your side as you embrace the uncertainty of what’s coming next.

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