“Nearly two months after all sides celebrated a compromise to provide the state’s craft beer brewers an easier way to offer their wares to consumers, the Department of Revenue has yet to issue new rules detailing the process.

Now, with lawmakers adjourned for the year, beer brewers and their supporters in the General Assembly are increasingly anxious they’ve lost hard-earned momentum after legislators refused to approve a special committee to study beer regulations over the summer. The burgeoning industry instead must wait and hope the Department of Revenue, an agency they blame for bowing to the wishes of powerful alcohol wholesalers, does what all sides agreed to in January.

‘We are anxiously awaiting the new regulations promised to us 10 weeks ago, addressing a bill that was passed a year ago,’ said Nancy Palmer, the executive director of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild. ‘There are 40 businesses in Georgia that are waiting to make plans, open tasting rooms and schedule events across the state because they hope that change is just around the corner.'”