Belgian-Style White Ale

4.8% ABV


Belgian White Ale

Refreshing citrus notes and a mild, tart finish, Haddy is brewed with coriander, lemon peel, and wheat malts.


In a world of noise, the quietest stand out. We love Haddy for her humility and ease in any situation.

Moments of Unity

Reach for Haddy when your favorite pastimes & people combine, and make strangers into friends.



Available year round at independent retailers near you in draft, 16oz & 12oz cans, and Belgian Variety Box Set.

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Spicy foods and classic American favorites.


Moments of unity. When water meets land. When home plate meets a home run. When strangers turn into friends.


Music that brings us together. Check out our Spotify playlist!


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Variety Playhouse | Reformation Brewery

Variety Playhouse | Reformation Brewery

In a city where there is a lot of new for newness sake, Variety Playhouse has stood its ground. Familiar, even with its updates. Going back is like meeting up with an old friend. Nostalgic and reliably unexpected, in a neighborhood that never fails to surprise.

The River 97.1 Birthday Bash | Haddy White Ale

The River 97.1 Birthday Bash | Haddy White Ale

Set beer free with local beer and live music and let’s make strangers into friends with a Haddy in hand! Join us at the Verizon Amphitheater for a Birthday Bash with 97.1 The River on Saturday, July 7th! Reformation Brewery will be singing "Happy Birthday"...

Belgian Variety Box Set 12-pack

VARIETY BOX SET Celebrate Moments Together We've gathered our Belgian-Style favorites together in a 12-pack Variety Box Set. Gather your friends together to share the moment with something for every palate.  Cadence Belgian-Style Ale A refreshing take on a classic...