We have so much to be thankful for.

What started on a one barrel pilot system almost four years ago has grown into a space that crafts community for nearly 25,000 beer lovers who cross our doorstep in a single calendar year. In that time, we’ve added our own canning line, welcomed new staff, and knocked down walls in our Keeping Room. Soon we’ll welcome new fermentation and brite tanks which will increase capacity to 12,000 barrels a year, nearly doubling our capacity. We’ve expanded into Savannah & Chattanooga — with more distribution on the way.

Business has been good.

But for us, it’s not just business. It’s personal.

The value of a handshake. Of genuine service. In sharing stories of our past.

This place is where we bring our neighbors, our parents, our children.

Where we celebrate, and mourn.

Where we read a good book, and share recommendations with friends.

Where we meet strangers with an offering of our best gifts.

Where we challenge each other to make our best play, no matter the circumstances.


In many ways, this is not unique.

It is the common difference between small, local, independent business and distant, multinational conglomerates.

What is unique is the moment between you and me. In the value we place in the exchange. Here one minute. Gone in the next. A gift worth savoring.

Beer, like many handmade things, is a reflection of the maker. A liquid mirror. Reflecting not only the quality of ingredients, time, and experience, but also a vision that says there is value beyond the glass.

We ask, how will we be changed by this experience?

How will we leave behind a testament to what we hold dear?

We trust that we won’t always have the answers. We kind of like it that way.

Because we’re in it for the moments of honest adventure.

For moments of contrast amid the noise.

A story that brings us refuge in a chaotic world.

Seeking balance and gratitude in the gift of every day.

And celebration on days we can declare, well done.


We hope you’ll join us, if only for an afternoon, and be inspired to savor the moment beyond the glass.