Belgian-Style Tripel

9.2% ABV

Modern, Belgian-Style Tripel

Delicate Floral Aroma & Clean Citrus Finish


Made for Moments of Unexpected Providence


Trusts in moments of providence.
Invites the teaching of intuition.
Believes in the miraculous.
Leans on patience.
Listens to the muse.

Appreciates the silver lining.
Relies on hope in times
when answers are unknown.
Understands our place
in the “family of things.”

Celebrates a life well lived.
A moment of success finally realized
after long hours, late nights —
determined in the face of struggle
to make space for inspiration
amid the design.




Moments of Unexpected Providence


Fried or grilled chicken, Smoked BBQ Ribs, Sharp cheese.


Songs with lyrics about life’s complications and mysteries.



Year round draft and 12oz can.
Variety Box Set


Belgian Variety Box Set 12-pack

VARIETY BOX SET Celebrate Moments Together We've gathered our Belgian-Style favorites together in a 12-pack Variety Box Set. Gather your friends together to share the moment with something for every palate.  Cadence Belgian-Style Ale A refreshing take on a classic...

When Answers Are Unknown

This thing that I love so much has given me more trouble than anything in my whole life, but it is teaching me every day to trust other people.

Unexpected Providence

The mess allows me to make connections that I couldn’t make if everything was up on a shelf. Sometimes you need to see life out of order to find a new way of doing things.

A Season of Waiting

I’m in a season of waiting. Doing nothing is also doing something. It’s a position of openness. We don’t like being in that space because there’s uncertainty. But that is where art happens.

Beauty in Balance

It’s not just alcohol that needs moderation. We need moderation in life. We go through life drunk on the next high, whatever that is. Even relationships. There’s a beauty in balance that I think gets lost…

Function & Form

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Taken it down too far with the axe. Sometimes, you need to fail. If not, you aren’t trying hard enough. That’s what the woodfire pile is for.

Meet JUDE | A New (Again) Member of the Family

The world is always changing. There is a gift of providence in that. A preciousness, and a sense of hope. That every day will close and begin anew…


Top 10 Wood Aged Beers of 2017

American oak wafts out of the glass and dominates the aroma.  Vanilla, charred oak, and mellow bourbon comprise the barrel profile with an underlying presence of bready malt.  No yeast aromatics are present.  There is a bit of alcohol in the aroma as the...

Bob Townsend’s Beer Pick: Jude Belgian Style Tripel

Brewed as part of Reformation’s year-round portfolio of Belgian-style ales, Jude is billed as a “modern” take on the classic derived from the Trappist monastery at Westmalle. It pours a hazy gold with a soft white head, and at 9.2-percent alcohol it’s...

Drink This Beer: Jude

We’ve loved European styles from the beginning. They’re what inspired us to start homebrewing. Making beer is like time travel in a way. There’s always some prior knowledge behind it, a lineage, a history. And we’re always trying to pay homage to those old...

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