“Semper reformanda is not about constant fluctuations, but about firm foundations.”

Always Reforming.

The world is always changing. There is a gift of providence in that. A preciousness, and a sense of hope. That every day will close and begin anew–an opportunity to take stock of what’s most important, acknowledge the day’s good gifts, and build upon the foundations which sustain us.

When we began three years ago, we had no way of knowing the journey before us. Our growth has had a momentum in many ways beyond our control. We have you to thank for that.

We designed our brand to tell a story that matters. One that seeks to set beer free from institutional taste, intolerable trends, and societal extremes. And in the new year, we will continue to invest in the unseen. To protect and preserve the heart of that story, wherever it travels.


This will mean some changes for those who know us well. We will reintroduce some of our core brands with a new naming convention, with Cadence at their side. A family of beers whose stories dig deep into our values, and illustrate the why behind what we do.

It’s also an opportunity to explore the power of parable. To present narratives that sustain and create continuity between the chapters behind us, and the stories yet to come.

Well made beer goes beyond the glass to moments of friendship, authenticity, and shared values.

It’s with these principles in mind that we re-introduce our most loved product in your most requested format. Meet JUDE, a modern Belgian-Style Tripel, with a delicate floral aroma and clean citrus finish suitable for all seasons of change and moments of unexpected providence.


We imprint our love on the people and things around us. Attach meaning to that which we hope not to lose. And we are deeply, deeply in love with the community that raises a glass of Reformation — in appreciation of the good gifts we share.

You can find JUDE in 12oz cans at retailers starting the week of 12/12, and get your first taste of this new format in our Keeping Room on Thursday, December 15th.

Semper Reformanda,
Reformation Brewery