“Exactly what our nation needs, a noble beer.
Endorsed by most, scorned by few.”

“Exactly what our nation needs,
a noble beer. Endorsed by most,
scorned by few.”

20161031_133418Our employees teamed up and brewed four Pale Ales for your approval. Meet your candidates below, and come elect your favorite by popular vote on Friday, November 4th.


Swing Vote

For moments of Authenticity.

Balance is an inherent part of any Swing Vote, and this beer is no exception. A beautiful platform of floral and citrus hops sets the line against a solid malt backbone to beg the question: which is paramount?  When the choices are this tough, the balanced perspective of a Swing Vote is as refreshing as a straight answer from a politician.
4.9% ABV | SRM 5.3 |  IBU 38


Party Line

For moments of Story.

Whether you’re toeing the party line, or crossing it, your vote is an important part of the story. Our candidate invites you to sit a while and sip through a story that honors the distinguished past of pale ales that have come before. Responsibly dry hopped, with a solid malt foundation–Party Line holds its own against the tomes of history. Elect your Party Line.
5.4% ABV | SRM 5.5  |  IBU 41



For moments of Humor.

Our Incumbent pale ale aims to put a smile on your face on your way to the voting booth. All the familiar character you’d expect, with the benefit and grace of experience. One sip and you’ll find light amid the dark. Nimble bodied Rye Pale Ale with a juicy El Dorado hop finish, you owe it to yourself to vote Incumbent.
5.1% ABV | SRM 5.7  |  IBU 39


Beyond the Ale

For moments of Humility.

This candidate humbly accepts your nomination, understanding a leader’s role in the bigger picture. A self-defining pale ale steadies a nation’s oats. Sown with amiable hops and enriched with oats, this beer transcend cliches–vote Beyond the Ale.
4.7% ABV | SRM 6.8 |  IBU 35