Pale Ale Rides Waves of Summer for Reformation Brewery
Refreshed recipe and packaging for Oren Pale Ale

ATLANTA (Thursday, May 30) – Reformation Brewery announced today a new look and recipe for their year round offering, OREN. Making its way to taproom and craft beer retailers as a Pale Ale at 5% ABV beginning this week, the beer will be available everywhere Reformation Brewery beer is sold across their Georgia & Tennessee footprint.

The refreshed Pale Ale recipe is fine tuned for “low bitterness and soft, balanced sweetness” and highlights a small addition of lactose (milk sugar) as well as “waves of tropical hop aroma and flavor” from Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops.

Named after the Malay word for “orange,” the can also features a new wave pattern design courtesy of local Cherokee County resident and designer, Tom Cox. “We had the opportunity to ride on the success of some Pale Ale pioneers coming out of our newly opened R&D brewhouse in downtown Woodstock,” said CEO and cofounder, Spencer Nix. “We’ve listened carefully to the feedback on Oren over the years, and we’re proud to say the new recipe is community driven.”

“Oren has always been on the edge of Pale Ale territory, but lowering the bitterness and alcohol really gave us the chance to put this product squarely into the style while emphasizing all the things we’ve always enjoyed from Oren – low alcohol, tropical hop profiles, and refreshing drinking,” Nix added.

To find Oren, ask your local retailer to place an order or search for stock updated on Reformation Brewery’


About Reformation Brewery:

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