Cookies & Beer

Moments like these are made for sharing. Test these combinations with us on Sunday, February 26 for a family-friendly afternoon in support of our local Girl Scout troop. Or stock up on the snacks, download and print our handy tasting sheets, and get your friends together for your own pairing party. Cheers!

Belgian-Style Ale + Rah-rah Raisin

Raisins, oatmeal, & tangy Greek yogurt balance the mild caramel sweetness of Cadence, a Belgian- Style Ale brewed with figs and Belgian candi sugar.

India Pale Ale + Do-si-dos

Sweet malts balance with just the right amount of Rye in Atlas, an India Pale Ale that’s a perfect pair for this salty-sweet sandwich cookie.

Belgian White Ale + Trefoils

A wheat beer with a light body & clean bright finish, Union won’t overwhelm these delicate crispy shortbread cookies.

Toasted Porter + S’mores

Milk chocolate and marshmallow are the perfect pair for Stark, a light-bodied toasted Porter brewed in the traditional English style.

Imperial Stout + Tagalongs

Silky chocolate and rich peanut butter filling are a decadent match for Declaration that might just inspire you to proclaim your deepest feelings.

Belgian Tripel + Savannah Smiles

Crisp lemon wedge cookies dusted with powdered sugar pair with Jude, a Belgian Tripel with a delicate floral aroma & clean citrus finish.


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