Cullen Boudreaux

Cullen Boudreaux

Pints & Pencils organizer

Beer people are good people, so the saying goes. Among craft breweries, it’s common to see collaborations, exchange of knowledge and resources, and offers of support to our communities in times of need. And when times get tough, we take care of our own. Even when that means reaching across state lines.

Although she no longer manages the tasting room at Wild Heaven’s brewery in Avondale Estates, Cullen Boudreaux (a Georgia native now living in Louisiana) has gained support from at least five breweries in Georgia to collect supplies, in hopes that the effort will help schools and libraries restock after the recent floods in Baton Rouge.


“I’m a born and raised Atlantan who married into a very Cajun last name. This spring, after spending over a decade deeply involved in the Georgia beer scene, my husband and I decided to move back to his home state of Louisiana. August 11th, the night the rain started, I was laying in bed reading a book. The thunder and lightning surrounding our house was like nothing I’d ever heard (and coming from Atlanta I consider myself fairly accustomed to big southern storms).

When all was said and done, Baton Rouge received three times more rain than New Orleans had during Hurricane Katrina.

Overnight Baton Rouge received 2 to 3 inches of rain per hour. Normally storms like this peter out and move on by morning. This one didn’t. Instead it stayed relatively stationary and continued to inundate the city and its suburbs for days. By August 13th creeks had overflowed their banks and were creeping into subdivisions and strip malls.

When all was said and done, Baton Rouge received three times more rain than New Orleans had during Hurricane Katrina. An estimated 146,000 homes have been damaged. Dozens of schools are closed indefinitely.

When a friend shared the image of her children’s flooded elementary school library it brought to mind a collection drive I’d organized less than a year earlier for the United Methodist Children’s Home in Avondale Estates. The Georgia beer community had overwhelmed me with their unexpected generosity. Pints and Pencils was born from the hope that this community would once again open their hearts to help children in need.”

This weekend, along with your donation of supplies to Pints & Pencils, you’ll get 10% off tour admission at Reformation Brewery. Check out the event for a complete list of requested supplies and a list of other participating breweries near you.