The Perfect Pour

tips for pouring and serving beer

The Glass

A perfect pint of beer starts with a just-rinsed, beer-clean glass held a half-inch to an inch below the faucet. Never use a frozen mug or glass and avoid taking a glass straight from a hot dishwasher. The glass should never be too hot or too cold, ideally the glass is the same temperature as the beer itself, thus the pre-rinse before the pour.

The Prep

Achieving the ideal pour starts with beer from a fresh, cold, properly carbonated keg. The beer must then be pushed by clean, appropriately pressurized carbon dioxide through a coupler with good seals that connects to a smooth, recently cleaned, temperature-stabilized, leak-free line through a clean faucet, and out into a beer-clean glass. If you’re having problems with your draught system, check out our Draft Troubleshooting Tips.

The Pour

Beer faucets are designed to be opened all the way every time. Opening a faucet only partway makes the flow turbulent, supplying nucleation sites and making the beer fizz up. Tilt the glass 45° and open the faucet all the way, pouring down the side of the glass. When the glass is half full, stand it straight up and continue pouring directly into the center of the glass. Quickly close the faucet, leaving a one-inch head at the top of the glass. This thick, creamy head protects the beer while providing the ideal presentation.



Our 16oz Pint Glass is designed for our beers under 8% ABV


Our 12oz Tulip Glass is designed for beers 8% and over .

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