with Upper Etowah River Alliance

Reformation Stands with the Upper Etowah River Alliance. Led by Diane Minick, UERA provides regional leadership in watershed protection through education. Learn more about this important group with Reformation Brewery at featured events this March.




Fun Fact: Did you know that beer is 90% water? When you raise your glass of Cadence or can of Jude, you are reaping the benefits of Reformation Brewery’s amazing water supply. Reformation is located in the Upper Etowah River Watershed, one of the most bio-diverse river basins in the world. Protecting that water is vital — not only for great beer, but also for the many people, animals, and plants that live in and around the watershed.


We may not have the resources to align with every good cause, but we can stand proudly by a few. Reformation Stands connects with select charities each year in order to develop deeper relationships, and further invest our passion and people into meaningful causes that make a difference in the communities we serve.

Rooted in service.

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” Reformation Stands is propelled by the joy of the story to set all gifts free. We are intentional in our support of events, causes, and projects, and we give priority to those who align with our values and efforts to set beer free.