Queenie’s BBQ | Staff Picks

Sweet, smoked, sauced, & spiced – these pairings are our top staff picks, just in time for Restaurant Week in Downtown Woodstock!

We’re all about the delicious pairings on tap all around town. Order up your favorite Reformation beer, and test your way to sweet success!

Smoked wings might be one of God’s great gifts, but when they’re Nolan IPA butter basted smoked wings with spicy gold sauce and a side of ranch? Boy howdy, are you in for some great beer-side eatin’.

Grab a ROPE MILL version of Nolan IPA, and you’ll be on your way to a perfect pairing of BBQ & beer.


Whether you call them “hand pies,” “fried pies,” or simply order up the empanadas straight off the menu, the BBQ & cheddar filled crispy pocket is a two-fisted serving of yum that will make you thirsty for a pint or two.

Our favorite pint alongside is a toss-up between the complementary soft citrus of Oren Pale Ale or the thirst quenching delight of JOGR The Juicy Lager. Try one of each!

Don’t forget dessert, including the sweet and surprising combination of ice cream and beer!

Now serving Flux Ice Cream, our neighbors at Queenie’s BBQ in Woodstock have the perfect sweet treat for beer float bliss.

Try a spoonfuls of these seasonal, local fresh ice cream, in a 2-1 beer to icecream ratio for best results. Ask your beetender for our favorite combinations, also available in Canton!