Raise a Glass to Dad

Celebrate the Moments of Fatherhood

Dads do a lot, and deserve quiet moments of unexpected providence.

Whether you’re a strong, silent type, a Dad-joke type, a rocker dad or somewhere in between, we recognize the hard work put in to this thing called fatherhood, and the stories that come out of it.

On this day reserved for fathers and father figures, we share some of the values that make Reformation–and dads– great.

Acceptance – The power of acceptance from a parent is life-changing for a child. The best ideas and people spring forward from supportive, warm, and nurturing environments.

Story – Dads make some of the best storytellers. Weaving the words of Willy Wonka out loud before bedtime, or sharing an important lesson through a story instills wisdom and creates connection.

Authenticity – One of the beauties of the younger generations is their ability to recognize and appreciate authenticity. They’re seekers of the truth, and finding it shapes who they are. Parents who recognize and encourage truth-seeking in children often ask the best questions as adults.

Moderation – Discipline, structure, and balance. Three things that set a person on the path to a life well-lived, and are qualities that make up some of the very best fathers.

Humility – Good leadership requires freedom from arrogance, and is a virtue found in good dads and individuals charged with doing something great.

Humor – Who doesn’t chuckle at a good dad joke? Parenting is a journey, but taking a moment to pause and find the unexpected gift in humor offers a simple reminder to find and choose joy amidst the adventure.

Celebrate the unexpected moments that punctuate fatherhood with the gift of connection. Skip the tie this year and share a moment–and a beer–free from noise with Dad instead.