Early Reading Recollections

Do you remember being read to as a child? We’ve shared some sweet recollections and adorable family photos that take us back. Join us in February as we raise funds and awareness for the Cherokee chapter of Ferst Foundation, who supports early childhood literacy practice.

Nick Downs
Brewmaster, Cofounder

“For some reason I remember reading ‘The Adventures of Silly Billy’ as a child. Silly Billy wanted to show everyone how smart he was, and to be known as Wise William. It’s always stuck with me for some reason. The first book I ever read on my own was ‘My Brother Sam is Dead,’ which is a story about a family being torn apart during the Revolutionary War. I still like reading history and historical fiction today.”

Justin Chaddick
Business Director

“This is my Aunt, Marty Chaddick, reading to me circa 1991. My earliest memory regarding reading was watching my dad read the newspaper and being completely perplexed on how he did it. I asked to try his coffee the same day which also turned into a bewildering experience. He told me one day I would be able to read the paper and would probably also enjoy coffee. Around 25 years later it turns out that he was right, although my news is now usually on a screen.

Ryan Morley Stockton
Sales Director

My early reading memories jump back to two series: Redwall and Harry Potter. “The Sorcerer’s Stone” was the very last book my mother ever read to me which coincided with our move from Buffalo, New York to Atlanta, Georgia. After that introduction, I anxiously awaited each release from JK Rowling. The time it took to read each sequel never took very long! In between the Harry Potter releases, I immersed myself in the Redwall series. There were 20 novels at the time that all centered around a fictional land in a medieval setting where all the characters were forest animals. There’s nothing better than a good adventure!

April Currin
Hospitality Coordinator

The first book I ever received where I was able to read was The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars was something that my father and I could bond over even though our time together was limited. He took me to see the movie after I read the book. P.S. Luke Skywalker was my kid crush. Obviously my dad and I also bond over candy.

Hannah Roberts
Brand Ambassador

This is a photo of My Grandmother reading to me as a teeny tiny little one. I look so focused! Reading plays a huge part in my childhood and my upbringing. Some of my most fond memories are my parents or grandparents reading to me, learning to read, and as an adult revisiting my favorite books from early life. I was always taught the importance of good stories and lessons and that has stuck with me from the very beginning!”

Spencer Nix
CEO, Cofounder

I love a great story and I love the cadence that reading provides me to this day. My grandmother, the infamous Mrs. Nix, read to me everytime I would visit. She taught me to read at an early age. My great aunt, JoJo, was also my elementary school librarian and her passion for the value of reading was contagious.

One of my earliest memories of reading was the classic novel (not so much), ‘My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes.’ While my early years were mostly devoted to reading any book, article, or box score to do with sports, I can vividly recall the calming effects of being read to as a child. 

It’s one my family’s highest virtues as a common argument in our home is what we are going to do with all these books. My wife can attest, I don’t like to get rid of my books. They are part of my story and just being surrounded by them reminds me of lessons and stories that inspire me daily. And you never truly know when you might need to read it again, right???

Join us in February as we support Ferst Foundation

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