“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Characterized by restraint. Beautiful in her simplicity. This beer is just that — beer. No spices, fruit, or other adjuncts. Uncomplicated, authentic, and true.

Sabine is a French Saison with an effervescent spirit and quiet strength who owes her old world white wine character to French Yeast. Huell Melon hops lend notes of cantaloupe & orange blossom.

Style Overview

Pairing well with most foods, her humble origins begin in the farmhand’s thirsty work. Contemporary versions borrow from an extensive family tree. Traversing continents, taking on the local accent, and blending stories, languages, and traditions, the saison is a style that in many ways defies categorization.

Saison is a French word meaning “season.” Historically brewed to quench the thirst of farmhands, the style originated in the French speaking areas of Belgium. 

“Historically, saisons did not share enough identifiable characteristics to pin them down as a specific style, but rather were a group of refreshing summer ales made by farmers. Each farm brewer would make his own distinctive version. Although most commercial examples now range from 5 to 8% ABV, originally saisons were meant to be refreshing and it is thought they had alcohol levels ranging from 3 to 3.5%.” [source]



With little to no perceived hop bitterness, Sabine’s late addition Huell Melon hops contribute a German influence. With a mellow fruit character described as “mild to moderate, with vivid impressions of summer melon” this new variety of hops was bred by the Hop Research Center of Hüll, and is the daughter of Cascade hops. We like to say she’s second generation German on her mother’s side.


Piloted by the heart and hand of our Head Cellarman, Chris Golden’s recipe ran through several test batches in our Keeping Room where it has worked its way onto visitors most wanted list. Enjoy this limited, draft-only release while it lasts.


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