Festive Stout

Brewed with fresh ginger and warming spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, Scout The Storyteller is a Festive Stout that calls you to explore the stories of the season.


About the style

A Foreign Export Stout by style, these beers are a special style of stout that are brewed bigger than normal for a long journey. The more traditional Foreign / Export Stouts will be found in the tropical regions of the world and are typically higher in alcohol with a very pronounced roasted character.

Scout The Storyteller is 7.4%ABV and brewed with 15 lbs of fresh ginger (about 2 lbs per barrel) which lends an aromatic, gingerbread flavor against the balanced blend of warming spices. Sweetness and body from Gambrinus Honey Malts, and the addition of honey for increased alcohol, result in a rich, mildly sweet almost cake like experience.

Served alongside or in place of dessert, this Festive Stout is sure to spark conversation at your family and holiday table. An original recipe from our early days brewed as a gift for Christmas, this beer has been a favorite in colder weather for many years.

About the Name

Be on the lookout for the stories of the season. Scout the memories in the making. It’s a time to seek the lights (celebration, festive, cornucopia, etc..) in life. It’s up to you to find what matters most. Now more than ever, be on the lookout for the meaningful.

About the Color Story

The can artwork color story is designed to evoke the nostalgia and festive lights of the season: rich fall and winter colors like vibrant berry-laden desserts, crisp blue skies with a hint of falling snow, or the sparkling glint of sunlight across the landscape, video games from our Atari and Dig Dug days, and the ribbons, bows, and other gifts of the moment.

Look for this limited release available on draft mid November, and in 12oz cans by Dec. 1st.

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