Second Location in Downtown Woodstock Coming 2018


I am so excited to announce the next chapter in Reformation Brewery’s story. We have negotiated a lease for space at 105 Elm Street in historic Downtown Woodstock. This space will provide us with a location for research and development as well delivering our brand values, vision, and promise in the very heart of our home community.

We are embarking not only on what we hope is a very key part of our business success but also our commitment to celebrate the good gift of beer by setting it free. This space will give us more freedom to execute more unique product and brand experiences as well as a landmark community presence. We are looking forward to being in downtown Woodstock’s backyard, as the backyard is so often where some of life’s most cherished moments occur with family and friends.

I’m excited about this next adventure, thank you for your support and hard work that has made this moment possible. Hope you can all make it out to the Keeping Room this October as we celebrate our 4th Anniversary and we can raise a toast together.

Semper Reformanda,
Spencer Nix, CEO & Co-founder


Where is the new space located?
105 Elm Street, Woodstock, GA

When will it be open?
We hope to open in Spring 2018 following renovations to the existing space.

Why here?
Centrally located in the heart of our home town community, the green space seemed to be begging for the community to enjoy it.

Why now?
The growth in our production facility has created the need for additional space to hold our research and development equipment. Plus, the new brewery laws make our industry more approachable for customers.

What’s the vision for the space?
We envision a maker space where customers can see, smell, and hear how we make beer. While also activating the green space as a place for community and conversations to grow organically. Just like hosting a party in your backyard, we see this location as Woodstock’s backyard hangout spot.

Were there any challenges along the way?
Really the hardest challenge was keeping it a secret that we wanted to expand while trying to find the right location and right terms to make it viable.

What will be different about this new location compared to the existing one?
It’s a unique opportunity to combine an R&D facility for product innovation and a new consumer experience.

Will the tree on the property be cut down?
We are going to get an arborist out to help us keep the tree healthy and give us a plan to keep it healthy. The tree is one of God’s trophies, we love it.

What about food? Are there plans for a restaurant?
There are no plans for a restaurant. We hope to work with local partners and offer food trucks.

How does the recent law change affect this new space? 
It allows the general public the ability to interact with an independent beer producer in ways that feel natural and fair to the consumer. No more forced ‘tours’ and much more of an approachable open market to explore new beer experiences.

What can we expect from Reformation in 2018?
You can expect us to always be reforming, including new products, new events, and new experiences.

Beer To-Go Hours
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Open for growler fills, mix-six packs, & more.
Also available during Keeping Room hours

Keeping Room Hours

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