July 1st, 2017

We love a good story. And ours includes front porches, and friendship. Trips across the world, and traveling down winding paths right here at home.

It’s a story that blends tradition with today, for a beer that’s a refreshing take on a Belgian classic.

Like many American beers, Cadence bends the rules just enough to please. Mild caramel sweetness and a hint of fig are balanced by a dry, crisp finish. A Belgian Dubbel by style, our version is an easy-drinking, light-bodied favorite designed to celebrate the gifts of every day.

Like having the freedom to brew a beer our way, for the people who love to drink it.

First brewed in our homebrew days as a gift to our friend Terry from her husband Clay, our Belgian-Style Ale — “Folk Heart” as it was known in those days — became a fast favorite among strangers and friends. We won our first BJCP Certified beer competition with the recipe, and you might say that early success is what liberated us from being “someday-dreamers” to founders of Reformation Brewery.

This July 1st, raise a Cadence with us and discover what it means to celebrate independently owned, operated, & brewed craft beer — right here in the heart of Woodstock, Georgia. Last year city and county officials declared July 1st ‘Set Beer Free Day’ and we’re carrying on the tradition.

You could call it an early Independence Day for us. And in the story of beer — beyond local, and craft — independence matters.


And we have a few “early fireworks” on tap too.

First, get a taste of a little hometown hospitality and take home a 12 oz canned pre-release of Oren from our Keeping Room. Or head down to local watering hole for a sip of our latest India Pale Ale and raise a glass with your neighbors as we set beer free.

Next, look for our Reformation Box Set. Twelve cans of local, independent, craft beer that will get your party on the path to celebration. It includes our favorites: Cadence Belgian-Style Ale, Jude Belgian-Style Tripel, and Haddy Belgian White Ale.

Last but not least, we hope you’ll sit back with someone you love, enjoy the flickering rhythm of fireflies, and raise a glass to moments when community and conversation comes together over the good gift of beer.

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