What does it mean to set beer free?

We believe beer is a good gift, and should be free from fear, noise, and neglect.

Beer Should Be Free from Fear

You don’t have to look far to see fear in today’s culture. And beer culture is no different. Fear of missing out, fear of being on trend, fear of (being silenced, shamed, or ignored). Fear creates insecurities, and beer culture should seek to tear those down by celebrating the freedom to love.

Reformers seek to shine a light on the balance between abuse and prohibition.

Beer Should Be Free from Noise

We live in a noisy world, that seemingly gets noisier each day. It can be easy to fall into the trap of attention seeking, and instead chase after the loudest voice in the room. But in a world of noise, sometimes the quietest moments stand out.

Reformers seek to find meaningful opportunities to share a beer with others.

Beer Should Be Free from Neglect

When we neglect ourselves and each other, we lose sight of the balance that brings us a good gift in every day. Beer can be subject to neglect when it fails to fit into the bigger picture, either through the hands of multinational conglomerates who prioritize profits and politics over people & product, or when we neglect to pause and appreciate the value beyond the glass.

Reformers seek to celebrate consumer choice and the benefits independent beer can bring to a community.