Shop & Support Local With Maker's Mash

The Maker’s Mash brings together two of humanity’s greatest achievements – beer and handmade goods! Reformation supports makers by providing opportunities to connect, show and sell work.

The Maker’s Mash brings together two of humanity’s greatest achievements – beer and handmade goods! We love seeing our space serve as a venue to connect with local makers and their work.

Maker’s Mash was crafted from a belief that communities benefit from more creatives in our spaces and more ethically produced goods in our homes. Started and run by creative design team Mad & Dusty (a.k.a. local Woodstock artists, Madison and Dusty Beaulieu) the event started small, but has grown ever since. 

Support the people and the stories behind their work by purchasing homemade goods from artists and makers from all over the community during the Fall Maker’s Mash series, alternating at our Woodstock and Canton locations every other Sunday from October through December. 

Need more reasons to shop local and support local? Here are a few of our favorites: 

Know your maker – Getting to know your maker is meaningful! There’s nothing like that personal connection when you get to know the people behind local products and services. Investing in the creative talent right in our backyard brings value that just can’t be bought at a big box store.

Local Flavor – Supporting local artisans preserves the uniqueness of the community. Special talents can often remain hidden until there’s a reason to showcase them, so raise a toast to the creative and inspiring artists that bring out the one-of-a-kind North Georgia Made local flavor! 

Ethically Made Goods – Looking for ethically sourced goods and products? Many of the items found at Maker’s Mash are made with the environment and other people in mind. Handmade items are also more sustainable because of their story: you’re less likely to get bored with a product if you know the story behind it. 

A Different Kind of Customer Service – There’s something about the authentic pride of craftsmanship that comes from someone creating from the heart. This pride leads to a different kind of customer service, that little “something extra,” that allows shop owners to really get to know their customers. 

Gift-Giving Goodies – One one the best part about Maker’s Mash? Giving the gift of locally made! Stuff a Stocking with items like homemade bath bombs, soaps, lotion and lip butter, or find that perfect graphic tee or reclaimed leather goods. 

See the full lineup of upcoming Maker’s Mash events and vendors here, and raise a glass to local, handmade items from people in your community!


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