There’s no hard and fast rule about what should be in your glass, as long as you raise it in appreciation.

Try these five easy ways to focus on gratitude this season, or let us know your ideas for finding contrast amid the noise.

1. Take a moment to voice your gratitude.

Good friends don’t come along every day. Send a note of thanks to people for the gifts they give to your life, and why they matter to you.

2. Create an unexpected care package for someone you love.

We’re not saying it has to have beer in it, but we know a few people who wouldn’t mind a basket of beer on their doorstep.

Story is something each of us has inside.

3. Make space for self-care. Moderation is key.

Have you over indulged with social media? Unplug. Put the electronics away and break out the board games, deck of cards, whatever. Raise a toast to moments that promote face to face conversation. It’s a small but important way to remember your own peace of mind.

4. Add your moment of thanks to ours.

Small gestures can add up to a lot. Visit the Keeping Room and tack on to our gratitude chain.

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5. Take stock of what’s most precious at your holiday table.

No matter the size of your gathering, it’s the gratitude that’s important. Simple pleasures can free you up to focus on friends and family.