On September 10th our CEO and Co-founder, Spencer Nix, celebrates 40 years on planet earth. We think he’s a pretty great guy and if you’ve met him at the brewery or seen him out at a festival, beer dinner, or just having a Reformation with his family, chances are you think he’s pretty great, too. But, here are 40 things you might not know about Spence for his 40th birthday:

1. He grew up about a mile from Reformation Brewery on Melanie Lane in Woodstock.
2. Return of the Jedi was the first movie he ever saw in the theater.
3. He and his brother played ball at SCRA growing up (and they pretty much dominated).
4. His son is the 3rd generation in his family to run the bases at SCRA.
5. He graduated from Sequoyah High School in Hickory Flat…
6. Where he lettered in football.
7. And played Dungeons & Dragons in the off-season.
8. SHS is also where he met his wife of 18 years, Paula.
9. He’s lived in Cherokee County all of his life EXCEPT…

10. For a couple of years when he lived in Louisville, KY to attend seminary.
11. Yep. He went to seminary.
12. He’s known our Brewmaster and Co-founder Nick Downs for almost 20 years.
13. They have ridden motorbikes through the jungles of Cambodia together.
14. He, Nick and Brad attended Monday Night Brewery when it was still in a garage.
15. In addition to CEO, he’s also been a postal worker,
16. Substitute teacher,
17. Non-profit director,
18. And pastor.
19. He’s a lifelong fan of Georgia Tech.
20. He was at the Orange Bowl when Tech won the National Championship in 1990.

21. He loves all Atlanta sports…
Even though they repeatedly break his heart.
He also loves great music, including but not limited to…
The Avett Brothers,
Face to Face,
26. Jason Isbell,
And Taylor Swift.
28. Just kidding about Taylor Swift! But his daughters love her.
29. Spencer is his middle name.
He’s an introvert.

31. He makes incredible biscuits.
He will put hot sauce on anything.
He loves to mountain bike.
He has 3 kids.
They say he is, “the best dad in the whole world!” and “my best friend!”
He really likes to win at cornhole, just ask Ryan Stockton.
He loves spontaneity, like canceling a meeting to go to the lake with his team.
Those who work with him at Reformation love his acceptance of others,
His ability to see the big picture amid the noise,
And his hilarious laugh after a few Declarations.

Join us for a toast Friday, Sept. 9th at 7pm as we raise a glass to Spencer’s 40 years!