A pastor and a pilot start home brewing beer…

It sounds like the beginning of a good dad joke, but it’s a key part of our brand story and the values behind everything we love. November is National Entrepreneurship Month and we wanted to take a moment to honor our two entrepreneur/co-founders and OG reformers: Spencer Nix (former pastor), and Nick Downs (the pilot).

These two friends — along with their families and so many friends and supporters along the way — took a leap of faith over ten years ago. The risks to see their dreams become reality. To set beer free and liberate it into a new community of timeless values. From homebrewers to hometown brewery, Spencer and Nick embody the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our culture, values, and our growing community of reformers. They recognize entrepreneurship is definitely a community sport and are proudly in Cherokee by choice.

So, cheers to all the dreamers, doers, and reformers who never settle for being settled.

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