Reformers Live With Jacob Brown

Join us as we welcome Jacob Brown back to Reformation Brewery. He’s brought his mix of originals and cover songs to venues all over the state. We’re glad to have him back!

Reformers Live With Amanda Roark

Join us as local singer/songwriter Amanda Roark returns to Reformation. She’s got a wide assortment of cover songs, as well as an array of amazing original material.

Reformers Live With Kurt Wheeler

Kurt Lee Wheeler has become known for playing music that connects with his audiences. From authentic original music that goes, to covers from Cash, Buffet, The Beatles, to Haggard and Tom Petty to Isbell. Tonight he joins us to celebrate Christmas Adam as well as his...

Reformers Live With Brother Oliver (Canton)

Brother Oliver is a South Carolina-based musical project formed by two brothers, Andrew & Stephen Oliver. The band delivers high-energy performances through the lens of a genre they’ve officially coined as “Psychedelic Folk-Rock”.