Some of the most iconic Super Bowl foods include finger foods, small bites, and dips. If your Pinterest boards could use some fresh ideas for the big game, we’ve got you covered! Plus, some craft beer pairings that you can slide into your grocery store cart while you’re picking up ingredients for each, making it an easy win. 

Nothing makes a Super Bowl party quite like bacon, and bacon-wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates are a gift you may want to keep in a serving tray for yourself. (They’ll think you made them for them, but really, you made them for you.) These apps are delicious, easy to make and guaranteed to have your guests coming back for more. Pair with the deep fruit aroma and hints of caramel in Cadence, a Belgian Dubbel with figs and Belgian candi sugar. 

No Super Bowl party is complete without crispy hot chicken wings. Did you get an air fryer for the holidays? Put it to work with a simple, easy, delicious recipe. And bonus, with this recipe, you’ll still satisfy cravings for the crunch from the oil-fried kind without the oil. Pair your gold standard of Super Bowl snacks with JOGR, our juicy lager with notes or orange, melon and grapefruit. 

Did someone say citrus? Our pale ale, Oren, is a perfect pick to pair with a crispy, salty pretzel focaccia bread that’s foolproof and you can make at home. In fact, this recipe is so easy, you don’t even need a mixer to make it. (Just make the dough the night before.) Oren’s mild, soft waves of citrus will refresh between bites of salty brown crust. Serve as-is or better with a spread for DIY sandwiches–because you know your guests will want to.

If you’re feeding a larger crowd, satisfy their appetites with dishes heavier than apps with a Texas-style chili loaded with layers of umami, a little spice, and a hint of something extra. (Spoilers: It’s the cocoa powder.) Pair with our toasted porter Stark, for a winning combination. Stark’s hints of chocolate from toasted malts will have you savoring what’s in your glass and your bowl. 

If you find yourself without a place to watch Sunday’s big game, come grab a seat and raise a glass with us in Woodstock, Canton or Smyrna! 

Perfect Beer Pairings For Mother’s Day

Flowers and homemade cards are at the top of Mother’s Day gift lists, but why not show your love with a gift of a different kind? What about a beer bouquet? And just like those flowers you were going to get her, there’s something special and different about each one.

Here’s a guide to our favorite pairings for a special mother in your life:

  • Do you know a mom with a wild spirit? Someone who just can’t be tamed? May is the perfect month to take her to Reformation and honor her with a Wilder. Sweet and tart (blackberry, cranberry, black currant, and ginger), Wilder is a limited time beer brewed from our research and development facility in Downtown Woodstock.
  • Laughter is contagious. Often your favorite moms are the ones who just make you laugh. Alani the Lighthearted offers that perfect rosé ale everyone’s after. Bright and playful with grape and hibiscus among its notes, Alani is a hybrid of wine and beer that any of the wine-loving moms in your life are going to want to try…and try, and try. This is another seasonal, only available in spring and summer!
  • When you’re around someone that makes you better, every day is a gift. Show gratitude with Cadence. Reformation’s award-winning original is a Belgian tripel with delicious notes of caramel and fig. This beer is for the mother in your life who’s as sweet as candy.
  • Know an adventure lover? Travel buff? Our Rotating IPA Nolan the Wanderer could be her perfect pairing. Nolan changes every four months so your beer-loving adventurer can always try something new. Nolan’s latest adventure is Golden Cashmere, perfectly matched to the season with hints of mango and papaya.
  • Offer the one you person you know has a heart of gold our Georgia’s Gold Jude. This Belgian-style tripel is sweet, citrusy, and has a high alcohol content. Because someone with a good and pure heart deserves to have a little more fun.
  • Mothers are the sunshine of our lives and Oren is the bright sunshine of beers. Easy-going, low alcohol, and smooth for the summer, Oren will light up the life of your favorite mom.  
  • For the mom who drinks well with others, the quiet, classic Haddy. This Belgian white is like a bouquet itself, with coriander and lemon providing a smooth and graceful drinking experience. If your mom’s classy…this one’s for her.

Gather the influential women in your life and toast to perfect pairings with the gift of good beer.

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